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I get up from my bed, Its evening, I look outside the window, Smile at the stars, These stars look so beautiful,  I call you up, Ask you to come, Come meet me, You ask me to wait, I do.
I see you, You see me, You look at me, You look pretty, I still was thinking about the stars, But now it’s just you and Not the stars. We smile at each other, You giggle and I surrender, We talk, Time rolls by, Wind gushes through your hair, And I keep staring by.
You always know what to say, Those lips of yours curl away, You smile and then say, “What are you thinking about?” I say- “it’s you”, Coz we know it is true. We laugh at this thought, We talked and forgot.
You’re the best person I've got, We’re friends as we thought, The one to whom I talk, Lighten up and just walk, You do the same thing, Talk to me and sing, Our voices intermingle, Our thoughts do the jingle, We feel the chemistry, You know that its amazing, That's why we meet again and cling.
At the end of the day, I leave you at your bay, We remain the best of friends, Coz w…


Nature is something which I could never understand. Each time I looked around me I saw a different picture. I feel its a human just like you and me. I try capturing what all I could have in this tiny camera of mine but at the end of the day the gift of god is the eye.

A human is clay

All the people here,
with distinct faces and lives,
with their eyes on you,
and all around you,
not because you're important,
because you're a mortal,
waiting for that one mistake,
one mistake that will make you fall,
so will you rather never make one?
and live a life above the clouds,
or would you make some,
and jump from heaven,
to the ground?
I don't ask you,
to be perfect or wax,
all I ask you is a question about a fact,
would you rather be imperfect,
and flawed and broken,
or a trophy,
which shines and glows,
and makes people bow,
no matter what you choose,
I'll have one thing to say,
a trophy is a trophy,
and a human is clay.


And I don’t know what kinda joke is this? You play it on me, I let you play it. I laugh, I cry, I live, I die. I do so much, Yet it seems so less, To you, To me. I always had a thing for you, I told you I did, I don’t know. Maybe you’re not for me, Maybe I’m not for you. I don’t know who is for whom, What is for whom. All I know is that what I had, Has to go get buried. Yet again, Dead again.

As the lights roll by.

As the lights roll by, We Move away, From each other, and from ourselves, our friends become a part, of that little sorted past, out lies become our realities, and dreams become a tale, as we roll by, with tides going by, with wind passing through, our hair and brow, we change a lot, from a dot to a blot, we don’t know what changes us, all we know is that life calls it time.