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Death. Life is so unpredictable, Life is so unfair, One moment you exist, In the other you’re not there, You have lunch with your friends, Have dinner with your girl, And one morning we all wake up, And see you’re not with us.
Life shifts from under your feet, You make a move, And then feel nothing, All of you that is left to us, Is just so much grief, All that is left to us, Are just memories, It’s a part of you that people live with, It’s a part of you that people see at, For whatever’s left of you, At the end of the day, Are just the things you did, And just memories.

The nature makes me wonder if I’m a part of it? or is it a part of me? Its beauty remains mesmerising. Always.

Middle Class Man.(2)

When we saw less of each other then I tried being okay with it. I got new friends too. Like a LOT many but I’m more of a ‘More on talking rather than actually going’ kind of person. So, I counted myself out on all of those trips to the bars and clubs.
Getting back to the girls. She was still the prettiest I had seen but as the new batch came the others in the town shifted their attention to this other girl who apparently had a brilliant ‘front and rare with a nice boot’.  (That was more of a code language)(actually not so well coded). But the new problem was that this girl was not the only one. People kept getting hotter and hotter by the day and guys kept flocking to the so called ‘sight-seeing’ places where you get to see the best. I kept low, I mean I was doing well as an al rounder but yes, with girls not much. Just casual talking and chit chat, sometimes food with their friends (who apparently were my friends too). I had some meals with that girl too (the old one I was talking ab…

Middle Class Man.(1)

Series of short stories.

I am a middle class man with my middle class life. I’m neither too rich not too poor but yes, I’m somewhere in the middle ‘Stuck’. Maybe not so ‘stuck’ but yes, I’m content. Like all to all it’s a pretty damn good life. Or I’d say it was.

So, the other day I saw this girl. (Yes, it all starts with a girl.)Pretty. Like really pretty. Went, talked to her. We became friends. So becoming friends was like a really good thing. Got to spend a lot of time with her but somewhat it increased the intensity of my ‘Likeness’ towards her. So, after sharing a couple of meals together, I tried gathering some courage to ask her out for Lunch/Dinner/Supper whatever you call it and we did go for it! It was a really good night with stars making patterns and the moon shining upon us. But (yes, there is always a but) It was good for her friends too coz apparently all of us went.*Sigh*

So, after a few days I thought of asking her out but I realized it is too early (although it wasn’t. …

A surge

I was walking by the street outside my house. I saw this glimmering sun, It was beautiful. I kept thinking about what is to be done today while looking at it. It was 6:37 am. I was out for a walk. I reached this place and sat down thinking how beautiful this nature can be. Each time I turned my head all I could notice was beauty. The plants starting to cast shadows, the street lamps dimming, the birds making that soulful chirrup. I couldn’t help but notice the fact that whatever was happening was so complex ad yet so simple. I kept staring at the amazing sky where the clouds were now making sense. A crab was crawling up my left, while a dog was howling on my right. It was all possible just by a simple look at those clouds. I was walking again now, I felt the cool breeze passing and then the wind started blowing. It took the clouds farther away and now a dragon had emerged out of them, with wings and flaring out that violent burst of fire from its pointed face. I could imagine riding i…


I don’t know what is happening. Things are moving way too fast. All of us have changed so much. We have started doing things which we always stood up against. The power of will is vanishing into the smoke (Metaphorical). We’ve all become tools. Yes, tools for one another. Earlier it was all about friendship and the bond that we shared but now, I am sure that its anything but the bond because when it was the bond we really didn’t talk . Life has become more of this monotonous race in which I’m running and you’re running and all the people around us are running. My teacher always asked me not to run that race. She always asked me to stand out. I somehow always did but now, I feel the whole idea of standing out and making a difference has vanished. It is not even about making a difference but it’s the stance you take. For the first time I am not able to take a stance. Find a reason. Motivation. Everything is just so dull, all hear is a lull. I've started calling life unfair. If I loo…