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Iss safar mei hum ,
Ek dooje ke saath chaltein hain,
Yeh sochtein hain ki,
Ek manzil hogi,
Ek Saahil hoga,
Ek kinaare takk pohochne ki koshish kartein hain,
Iss saagar ko paar karke,
Iss duniya ke uss chor takk jaane ki koshish kartein hain, Jis kinaare pe woh manzil hogi, Hum iss safar mein,
Ek humsafar ke saath,
Yeh safar teh kartein hain,
Hum chaltein hain,
In raaho par,
Hum chaltein hain in raaston par,
Uss humsafar ke talash mei,
Hum chaltein hain,
Akele, in raahon par.

Kho jao

Har subah woh suraj ugta hai,
Har shaam doob jaata hai,
Har raat hum sotein hain,
Khud ki duniya ek banaake,
Usmein rang bhartein hain,
Woh khwaab hum dekhtein hain,
Woh raatein hum jeetein hain,
Un raaton me ek alag see zindagi,
Hun jeetein hain,
Aur phir harr subaah ho jaati hai,
Uss suraj ki tarah,
Hum jagtein hai,
Hum uthtein hain
Kaam kartein hain,
Hastein hain, Muskuraatein hain,
Magar kya yahi hum chahtein hain?
Aur phir jab woh din dhalta hai,
Hum waapis aatein hain,
Aur usi bistar oar harr raat sotein hain,
Un khaabo ko phir jeetein hain.
Kuch paatein hain, Kuch Khotein hain,
Woh kuch pall jinmein hum jeetein hain,
Woh kuch pall jinmein hum rotein hain,
Woh kuch pall jo humaare hain,
Un sabb palon ke liye,
So jao,
Utho, kuch naya karo,
Aur kho jaao.

Meri Purvasha :)

Kyunki harr raat mein ek chaand hota hai, Kyunki harr din ek naya savera hota hai, Tum aayi aise, Jabb mai thaa akela, Door kiya uss andhere ko, Thaama mera haath, Chali mere saath, Abb harr ek shaam, Mai karta hoon tumhaara intezaar, Ki tum aao, Aur apna haath badhaao. 

Stand to Fall.

We live to rise up like a tide, A wave, A bird, A flawless flight,
And we end up on the same ground,
The higher we fly, The worse the fall,
like droplets from the skies, while finding a meaning to our lives, We run around catching time, We fall, We lose, We win, We choose, Get hurt and bleed, And walk around with sore feet, And we rise again to hold it all, to fall again, be where we belong, To the earth we rose up from, like grains of sand, we return back, To stand again, to fall again.

Good Idea V/s Bad Idea

In today’s world being an entrepreneur is not really about having the best idea. It is actually about making that idea sell. We always have had a perception that we should have “An Idea that can change your lives” but that isn't true. If that were true then we would have wanted to use Microsoft Windows, been stuck on Orkut, used Yahoo for our searches and would have still been buying Ford cars. The point here is very simple, whatever your idea is and no matter how great or amazing it is, it needs to sell. If it doesn't sell then it is just a waste.
There are two classes of ideas: Good Ideas and Bad Ideas. When you would listen to a good idea then you will always be like “Woah! Why didn't I think about this?” and bad ideas are like “Wait. That’s your idea?” All of us would know about Thomas Edison and we would consider him as one of the greatest inventors of his time and why not? He gave us the wondrous gift of the ‘light bulb’ and contributed to the ‘communication system’…

Duniya kahe usey Paagal.

Kyun dartein hain hum,
Aise kaam kyun kartein hain hum,
Kyun yeh quaayanaat usne banaayi,
Kyun raat ke baad na kabhie woh subha aayi,
Kyun hum theher gayein iss duniya ke saath,
Kyun badal dee humne apni chaal,
Kyun rang dhangh woh hosh hawas,
Sabb udd gayein saath leke woh yaadash,
Abb toh wo yaadein bhee ho gayi hain dhundhlee,
Jabb na koi parwaah thee,
Naa yeh dunya thee.

Iss duniya ko usne jabb banaaya,
Iss insaan ko jabb usne taraasha,
Iss zameen ko usne chuna,
Aasmaan ko bunaa,
Yeh na socha hoga usne,
Ki yahee tarashein huey putle,
Banaa deinge zanjeerein,
Zanjeerein unn putlon ke liye,
Jinhe woh tarashega apni fursat mein,
Jinhein woh banaayega itni shiddat se,
Unhee putlon ke liye,
Humne kasi zanjeerein.

Kyun humne diye naam har cheez ko,
Kyun humne kasaa inn zanjeero ko,
Kyun hum chaltein rahein iss raah pe,
Jahaan na koi manzil,
Na koi jahaan.

Aur jo na kare inn zanjeero ki izzat,
Jo chodna chaahe inki jakdan,
Jo jaanna chahe iss  duniya ke asli rang,
Rehna chahe uss aasmaa…

The Master of Puppet or The Knight in Shining Armour?

John Pierpont Morgan the founder of 'J.P. Morgan and Chase'. The man who in his time put a halt to the ‘Panic of 1907’ wherein the NYSE fell almost 50% from its peak the year before and the ‘Panic of 1893’ where he helped the US Treasury out of the crisis. He was the most experienced and the most respected Financier and Banker in his time. He was also the man who managed to raise $25 million in 1907 within ten minutes and helped the NYSE from crashing down and hitting rock bottom. That's something that no one else other than Mr. Morgan could have done.
If you look through the whole scenario which existed then during 'The Panic of 1907' then it all seems like a natural sequence of events wherein the NYSE kept tumbling down and created a big rift within the minds of the investors. With people pulling out of the banks heavily and the banks being left with fewer deposits, it was a hard time for the United States economy. This panic was triggered by the failed attempt to…

Thirteen a charm?

With Pranab Da hopefully making it to the ‘Rashtrapati Bhavan’ soon and making into the history books as the 13th president of India our country would witness one of its finest minds of this country as the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces. The UPA after a lot of debate has put forward the candidature of Pranab Da.
Mulayam Singh has also played his part very brilliantly as the game changer. Singh who initially allied with Didi and was showing his full support to whomsoever Didi puts forward played his game tactfully and suddenly changed the whole game by one day coming out and declaring his support for the UPA candidate. This strengthened his position within UPA and let Didi dance off with the skeletons.

On the last day of his office as the Finance Minister he cleared FDI proposals of 2000 crores keeping in mind the ‘effect on poor people’ as he mentioned. Now it’s on Manmohan Singh to take care of Pranab Da’s office too.

Suddenly after Pranab Da left his office the Sense…

So, is your secret safe? Or is someone watching you?

Is the Big Boss for real?  'Right to Privacy' is something very important to every individual. Everyone has something to hide. Everyone has a closet in which all the skeletons are buried. Everyone has secrets which might not actually mean anything to a third person but would mean a lot to the individual who's secret it is. We keep those secrets hidden within our texts, our E-mails, Facebook messages, Notes within phones, as pictures, on our computer everywhere and anywhere, wherever we feel it will remain secured wherever we feel it will be safe. We keep it hidden because there are some sentiments attached to it. It can either be how a person siphoned of thousands of crores or an affair that no one knows about or it's just your tiny little shoplifting incident for an adrenaline rush. Whatever it is, it is yours and you expect it to be protected(I'm not advocating the people who siphon money). 
My question is, is it protected? Is it safe in your Mailbox, your BBM, y…

The Red Dragon Slowing Down?

'The Red Dragon Slowing Down' this is the latest news which is coming up within the economists. Although China is still growing at the rate of 8 percent whereas it’s counterparts in the BRIC (especially India) are facing a major slowdown. But to economists this isn’t satisfactory. ‘The Red Dragon’ which has overshadowed the whole world is now showing signs of future breakdown. Back when the millennium started everyone kept talking about how great it would be if all the economies will be interconnected and the world will become a ‘Global Village’. The words ‘interconnected’ and ‘Global Village’ seemed too fancy those days. Now, these are following you up with ‘Global Meltdown’ and ‘Global Slowdown’. This is because we are too ‘interconnected’, knit too closely and it’s more like a ‘Domino Effect’ which prevails in the world today. If one falls, then the whole arrangement does.
This ‘Domino Effect’ has hit India (and so have bad policies, corruption, high government spending etc.…

If one mask is torn off, then let everyone be unmasked.

S&P recently released it ‘Ratings Direct’ on India with a title –“Will India Be The First BRIC Fallen Angel?” The S&P which thinks of itself as the ‘Hand of God’ and it is quite true. The rating agencies like S&P, Moody’s and Fitch ( a.k.a ‘The Big Three’) control the investors sentiment and manipulate it. The investors look up to these agencies because these are considered to be most ‘reliable’ rating agencies in the  world and because of this faith ‘The Big Three’ have sustained over the years.
Now is a time where everyone needs a little guidance. No one knows what is going to happen. It is too uncertain for an investor to invest anywhere. With Spain/Italy and of course Greece all in a big ‘Financial Fiasco’ (which might eventually engulf the whole of Europe), the US economy downgrading and the magical futuristic ‘Yuan’ being released from the clutches of the Dragon, the world economics is uncertain. In such dark times the investors search for a knight in shining armour w…

Rollercoaster Facebook.

With Nasdaq now coming up with the real story on the 'Facebook fiasco' we can now blame it all on the delay in Nasdaq's systems (and insider trading). According to the reports the basic problem started with the late launching. Initially the shares were supposed to be launched as soon as the market opened up but then it opened up a little later around 11:30. The real problem was that at that time the pre-orders still existed along with the orders incoming and Nasdaq's system couldn't take this. Nasdaq's system showed lags as the pre-orders didn't process almost till 1:50. By that time the stock had reached a new price. around $42. So what happened was that the people who ordered the shares at the offering price were getting their deals coming through hours late and at prices they didn't order the shares for.

Due to this major banks and other institutes saw major losses. Facebook's stock fell from a peak of $42 to $31.91. This was a big fall for one o…

"As it happens on wallstreet, someone made a killing" Facebook IPOs.

"As it happens on wallstreet, someone made a killing" This is what I have to say after getting to know about the 'Facebook Fiasco'. Actually it's not exactly a fiasco, it's like a regular routine that Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs follow to steal from their investors. In other words, "Morgan style of looting". Now that the shares of Facebook are taking a plunge all of the deep dark secrets are coming out. 

These big banks which practically had created the 2008 financial crisis have now indulged in another small time scam of theirs. Although they have outstanding lawyers who will definitely get them out of this soon but for now they're trying to fix this.The whole world was eagerly waiting for The Facebook, sorry I mean for Facebook to release it's IPOs. The first thirty seconds saw 80 million shares going from one to another. What had happened was that the big banks had come up with some 'special schemes' as everyone got…

Greece- 'I Owe U'.

The problems of the Eurozone are deepening with each passing second. With Athens being unable to form a new governmental structure the whole of EU is on a standstill. While the Greek aren't able to decide their leaders the EU doesn't have an authority to talk to. It's a very primitive but important concept. A leader is chosen to represent one group of people in a community where they want to be represented. Here they would need a government and their head would represent himself in front of the EU and discuss the fate of Greece. Right now as Greece doesn't have a leader, the EU cannot do anything substantial because whosoever comes into power will have a certain basic set of ideas. These ideas will be either pro-bailout and austerity (highly unlikely) or against austerity that cannot be determined.

Right now one thing that Greece has shown a positive surety on is its will to stay with the European Union. According to some polls 75% of the Greeks want to stay with the…

Austerity, the necessary evil?

The Greek crisis or I should say, the 'Eurozone Crisis” has come to a new level now. With the leaders secretly pointing Greece the way out the European Union is showing its fear to the world. And their fear is very genuine. If we go back to the start when all of it had just started there was a point when Greece was threatening the EU by saying that if they don't give it a bailout, then they'll approach the IMF. At that time it worked, all the leaders sat down just because of that one statement and if Athens would have gone to the IMF for a bailout it would have seriously affected the Euro. That is the crux of everything. None of the countries are doing it to save Greece or will do to save Italy or Spain in future. It's all about the Euro.

Right now Greek are not able to form a majority at their center because of all of these problems. Greece, which initially thought that EU would help them by bailing them out is now facing a great deal of problems with the EU and the…

The Great European Bird, shedding it's feathers.

The European Union today stands at a position no one would have ever imagined. Today the whole purpose of that Union stands defeated. The English seem too happy with their decision to stay out of this Union but they themselves are in such a crisis (both politically and economically) that they don't have time to deal with all of this. With internal clashes within the United Kingdom is making is weaker day by day and the United Kingdom is not even a part of the EU.
With the greatest economies falling into a debt trap the world is facing a whole new crisis. Starting from Iceland and Liechtenstein, moving onto Greece and now we stand with Spain and Italy going down. The European economies have been trying to get Greece out of its crisis situation for quite a while but now everything seems futile because while all of this is going on on the economic front, on the political front the leaders of major countries are changing. With Sarkozy losing to Hollande the French now have a new leader…

Head spins.

Walking when your head spins around,
Your world seems blurred,
And your thoughts burn you down,
Your life seems like an inevitable failure,
You want to find the answers,
To questions you never have asked,
You want a motivation,
To live and to breathe,
You wander around,
To see if you have found,
What you lost to the world,
What you lost but never earned,
You yearn to get it back,
You fight,
You scream,
You crawl,
And you still seem so far,
From the dream which was ours.

Iss nashe mein dhut ho kar.

Iss nashe mein dhut ho kar,
Hum bhool jaatein hain apne gham,
Humaare ghumon ke iss dariye mein,
yeh duniya doob jaayegi,
Yeh dariya bann jaayega ek saagar,
Aur yeh gham itna hai ki ek saagar bhar jaayega,
Kyunki iss zindagi ne jeena toh sikhaaya,
Magar jeene ki wajaah hee cheen lee,
Abb hum jetein hai auro ke liye,
Aur sirf maut humein sulaayegi,
Bass uss neend ka intezaar hai,
Jissey  yeh aankhein kabhie khul na paayein.


Sometimes I try to imagine the extent of imagination to which our mind can go. Our mind which plays the role of leading us into our future can it make us peek into the past too?Can it see the unseen? Can it actually decipher the maze of life which rests in front of us? All of these are questions and there are infinite more but the main problem to all of these questions is the basic lacking of an answer. Nothing definite exists, you can’t define the mind, not even it’s starting and I here was pondering upon the question of finding a limit to this infinite maze of neurons. So what is the mind actually? Is it just a storage unit, where you store experiences and use them for reference? Is it just a unit which defines the working of our bodies? What is it? Is the question at hand. I define the mind as a playground. I feel that’s what it is. It’s a mental playground where everything can be real ideas, visions, dreams and even realities. The mind is the perfect ground for everything startin…

No black. No white.

You always have choices to make, Either to let your inner demon take over you, Or to let the other personalities cover up for what lies inside you, You don’t what exists inside you until you unleash it, There is this demon inside everyone, It stays put right there camouflaging, And hiding itself in plain sight, It lies right beneath that thin skin that you wear to cover up, Lies beneath the same soul that you show to the world, It wants to make you do things you think you normally wouldn’t do, Actually It’s not the demon but the real you, Demon is the tag that you give t to cover it, Demon is the name you call it from to distinguish it from you, In reality it’s something you don’t understand, It’s something which is a part of you and you still don’t know it, Or rather part of you which you don’t want to accept, You blame it for all the decisions you take and regret, You blame it for all that is inside of you, All that you don’t like and don’t want to accept of you, What you need to u…