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No black. No white.

You always have choices to make, Either to let your inner demon take over you, Or to let the other personalities cover up for what lies inside you, You don’t what exists inside you until you unleash it, There is this demon inside everyone, It stays put right there camouflaging, And hiding itself in plain sight, It lies right beneath that thin skin that you wear to cover up, Lies beneath the same soul that you show to the world, It wants to make you do things you think you normally wouldn’t do, Actually It’s not the demon but the real you, Demon is the tag that you give t to cover it, Demon is the name you call it from to distinguish it from you, In reality it’s something you don’t understand, It’s something which is a part of you and you still don’t know it, Or rather part of you which you don’t want to accept, You blame it for all the decisions you take and regret, You blame it for all that is inside of you, All that you don’t like and don’t want to accept of you, What you need to u…