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Sometimes I try to imagine the extent of imagination to which our mind can go. Our mind which plays the role of leading us into our future can it make us peek into the past too?Can it see the unseen? Can it actually decipher the maze of life which rests in front of us? All of these are questions and there are infinite more but the main problem to all of these questions is the basic lacking of an answer. Nothing definite exists, you can’t define the mind, not even it’s starting and I here was pondering upon the question of finding a limit to this infinite maze of neurons. So what is the mind actually? Is it just a storage unit, where you store experiences and use them for reference? Is it just a unit which defines the working of our bodies? What is it? Is the question at hand. I define the mind as a playground. I feel that’s what it is. It’s a mental playground where everything can be real ideas, visions, dreams and even realities. The mind is the perfect ground for everything startin…