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So, is your secret safe? Or is someone watching you?

Is the Big Boss for real?  'Right to Privacy' is something very important to every individual. Everyone has something to hide. Everyone has a closet in which all the skeletons are buried. Everyone has secrets which might not actually mean anything to a third person but would mean a lot to the individual who's secret it is. We keep those secrets hidden within our texts, our E-mails, Facebook messages, Notes within phones, as pictures, on our computer everywhere and anywhere, wherever we feel it will remain secured wherever we feel it will be safe. We keep it hidden because there are some sentiments attached to it. It can either be how a person siphoned of thousands of crores or an affair that no one knows about or it's just your tiny little shoplifting incident for an adrenaline rush. Whatever it is, it is yours and you expect it to be protected(I'm not advocating the people who siphon money). 
My question is, is it protected? Is it safe in your Mailbox, your BBM, y…

The Red Dragon Slowing Down?

'The Red Dragon Slowing Down' this is the latest news which is coming up within the economists. Although China is still growing at the rate of 8 percent whereas it’s counterparts in the BRIC (especially India) are facing a major slowdown. But to economists this isn’t satisfactory. ‘The Red Dragon’ which has overshadowed the whole world is now showing signs of future breakdown. Back when the millennium started everyone kept talking about how great it would be if all the economies will be interconnected and the world will become a ‘Global Village’. The words ‘interconnected’ and ‘Global Village’ seemed too fancy those days. Now, these are following you up with ‘Global Meltdown’ and ‘Global Slowdown’. This is because we are too ‘interconnected’, knit too closely and it’s more like a ‘Domino Effect’ which prevails in the world today. If one falls, then the whole arrangement does.
This ‘Domino Effect’ has hit India (and so have bad policies, corruption, high government spending etc.…

If one mask is torn off, then let everyone be unmasked.

S&P recently released it ‘Ratings Direct’ on India with a title –“Will India Be The First BRIC Fallen Angel?” The S&P which thinks of itself as the ‘Hand of God’ and it is quite true. The rating agencies like S&P, Moody’s and Fitch ( a.k.a ‘The Big Three’) control the investors sentiment and manipulate it. The investors look up to these agencies because these are considered to be most ‘reliable’ rating agencies in the  world and because of this faith ‘The Big Three’ have sustained over the years.
Now is a time where everyone needs a little guidance. No one knows what is going to happen. It is too uncertain for an investor to invest anywhere. With Spain/Italy and of course Greece all in a big ‘Financial Fiasco’ (which might eventually engulf the whole of Europe), the US economy downgrading and the magical futuristic ‘Yuan’ being released from the clutches of the Dragon, the world economics is uncertain. In such dark times the investors search for a knight in shining armour w…