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Meri Purvasha :)

Kyunki harr raat mein ek chaand hota hai, Kyunki harr din ek naya savera hota hai, Tum aayi aise, Jabb mai thaa akela, Door kiya uss andhere ko, Thaama mera haath, Chali mere saath, Abb harr ek shaam, Mai karta hoon tumhaara intezaar, Ki tum aao, Aur apna haath badhaao. 

Stand to Fall.

We live to rise up like a tide, A wave, A bird, A flawless flight,
And we end up on the same ground,
The higher we fly, The worse the fall,
like droplets from the skies, while finding a meaning to our lives, We run around catching time, We fall, We lose, We win, We choose, Get hurt and bleed, And walk around with sore feet, And we rise again to hold it all, to fall again, be where we belong, To the earth we rose up from, like grains of sand, we return back, To stand again, to fall again.

Good Idea V/s Bad Idea

In today’s world being an entrepreneur is not really about having the best idea. It is actually about making that idea sell. We always have had a perception that we should have “An Idea that can change your lives” but that isn't true. If that were true then we would have wanted to use Microsoft Windows, been stuck on Orkut, used Yahoo for our searches and would have still been buying Ford cars. The point here is very simple, whatever your idea is and no matter how great or amazing it is, it needs to sell. If it doesn't sell then it is just a waste.
There are two classes of ideas: Good Ideas and Bad Ideas. When you would listen to a good idea then you will always be like “Woah! Why didn't I think about this?” and bad ideas are like “Wait. That’s your idea?” All of us would know about Thomas Edison and we would consider him as one of the greatest inventors of his time and why not? He gave us the wondrous gift of the ‘light bulb’ and contributed to the ‘communication system’…