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“And is there meaning to your life when you’re sleeping while you’re still wide awake.” He said that and that were the last time he said anything. My grandfather closed his eyes there and leaving me alone in that house which he had made home.
My grandfather was a carpenter when he married grandma. They had their first kid in the second year of their marriage and my father in their third. My father had three siblings out of which the eldest one died in a fire in one of my granddad’s godowns. My granddad with time, had constructed a fortune out of his small business which he started while he was fixing sofas for someone.Starting as a handy man and walking from door to door to fix everything in less than two years he had started off his own small venture where he and four other people under him became the supplier of all the wood and furniture in Nevilain. I don’t know how he did it but damn it was brilliant. In the next two he had ended up with four showrooms in the area and three huge …