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Choices, Questions and Answers.

Life is this infinite loop of choices, questions and answers.
Choices which you take define you, make you what you are and distinguish you from others. Others here refers to the other inhabitants of this world who also might have chosen that same path which you chose at one point or are choosing right now. Sometimes choices are made under pressure and we keep giving excuses like "I didn't have a choice" but all of us need to understand that even if you didn't have a choice, you did make one eventually. You chose the path which you thought is the 'most convenient  at that very point. So, now if you've made that choice then take responsibility for it. One of my friends told me this and I tell this to everyone and to myself that never 'regret'. Never ever should you be crying over the choices you made which might've played a role in get  you to wherever you are.
Questions are infine themselves. If we go into that chain of thought we can create a who…