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Shades of red, blue and white.

When the moon is going down but you still can’t see the sun, All you can see is the faded light, Near the horizon,
At the corner of the sea, From your window you look, You see the bright sun coming up between the clouds, Behind those tiny hills on the islands that you see, Just like a painting which we used to make in nursery, You watch the sky, Change shades of red, blue and white, Some clouds come in the way, Stopping the sun rays, From reaching out to you, But you still keep the stare, Then the sun comes up again, From behind the clouds which dimmed its light, It comes and shimmers bright.

Mumblings and rumblings.

When you start your day, you wake up and think what's gonna be new or that should be the thought but you wake up to the fear of getting late for college. While you run to your college, you slow down to check out some girl or pass a smile to the other or just say hi to some other and end up reaching late stressing your breath. Like is fun this ways and maybe should remain this simple always. Wake up, do what you want to and then go back to bed (in time (with some company preferably)) but hey hey hey! Life isn't that simple and it never will be, it will remain that same piece of crap that we try and live through each day. I don't mean that my life is bad and has no story to it. What I mean is that hey? Where’s the fun? I see these mechanical movements all throughout this campus travel in that I live in, the buses that I travel in, the shops that I vist. Everyone is just so mechanical, everyone is like this mouse which is given the key click clack cloock and that's how it…