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Love. Truth. God. Universe. You.

This is something I have always wanted to write about.
Before you go any further: This article of mine is mainly focused on the randomness of certain thoughts weaved into certain questions, which were raised and answered after having a talk with my friend. Life is as uncertain as it gets but how we define its worth is as how much we do in that short span of time which we get called, Life. Our definition of a good life’ is defined by the popular belief of the societal based construct which defines our rank in the ladder of hierarchy based on the amount of money we have, the amount of money we show off. We fit in somewhere in these ranks and incorporate some other vague characteristics like ‘feelings’. Happiness, sadness, etc. Which are always subjective differing from one person’s perception and idea to another person’s. Such intangible limits and extreme behavioral characterizes are at times defined and generalized by the society, providing what I call as a ‘wall’ to our thoughts. A ge…