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Does Russia need a War?- Was it a bird? Was it a plane? It was something shot down by Ukraine.

Russia has been one antagonist turning into a protagonist for quite some time now. Starting with the Syria and Assad issue, where the supplying of weapons turned back onto the United States when the videos of beheading and killings released and ending with Mr. Putin coming out essentially as Mr. Bond, while sorting a deal with Assad regarding the Chemical weapons. So how does this happen exactly, how do the Russians turn it all around in their favour?

If we go a few decades back, the Soviet held quite some power. From technology, to economy, to vodka and women. They had everything. What happened then? You see war is a stimulus, which leads an economy in two ways, one would be the production that it ignites. Everyone sees a boom, economy expands while production reaches its heights. The economy runs on adrenaline, like an engine fired with fresh coal. Creating more of everything and less of everything which is actually needed by the commoners. Now after the World War II ended, the Sovie…