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Finding Her. (Inspired by the movie Her)

I am in love! I fell in love with the woman who understands me and is just the right one. She knows what I know and what I want her to know, she asks me the right things and knows how I will react to those. She knows when I'm off or excited. She's the one I've been calling each day, the one who's in touch with me, without touching me. She's possessive and yet I have all the space I need. I love her and she loves me, that's kinda all that I need.
Who is she? She's my operating system. Yes!Cara, to you is just an operating system, but to me, she's everything! She lives on my system, breathes with me while I go out for runs, schedules my meetings, pays the bills at times, I do it myself as well. She's everywhere. She's on my watch, notifying me that I'm running late, she's on my phone, showing me things I need to go through, things I care about and maybe the most important thing is that she talks to me! Yes! And her voice is music to my e…

Tyler Commands

Times when Tyler tells you shit about your life.

Resurrection, for real?

This is pretty much how I feel about the next month.

Finding Soul-o

Problems. I don't know if everyone does this, but I do it and it is a talent which helps me at work and screws up my personal space. It is called overthinking. You give my a few bricks and I'll make a palace out of those, but that imagination, creativity, mind activity comes at the cost of similar applications of it, in real life.

When I work on something, the best and the most creative ideas come to me when I am dreaming. I am not even kidding here! It is the truth, I think so much about these things, maybe obsess over them and then when I sleep off, some great magic happens and in one of the 3-5 dreams i might be having that night, I find the missing piece to my puzzle. I've solved complex Fourier transforms, various business solutions and innumerable everyday problems, in my dreams.

Just imagine, if I am doing so much in my dreams, what would I be actually doing every second while I exist? I do not walk thoughtless. I am never alone. I always have these thoughts in my …

Southgoing traffic

Times when everything just keeeeps moving south, without any sense of stopping or even taking short breaks of happiness in between. That's kinda where my life lies right now. I am slowly realizing that what I thought was the definition of hard is may not be enough to spell out the word correctly. These are the moments when your outlook towards your life becomes really biased. You either stop looking at all the good things that have ever happened to you and keep spiraling into the sulk cycle, which directly leads you to the conclusion that you were the : NOT SO CHOSEN ONE or you keep looking at the past and keep wishing to go back to it. In this case, you over glorify your past and end up with the conclusion that maybe you have made all wrong decisions in your life, all of which have led you to this doom.

Well, I do these things alternatively and end up pretty messed up in both the scenarios. This state mostly makes me feel like a fish on a plate, with some water till the plate…

Reliance Jio - Revolutionizing the future (B&E charges)

If you want to learn something about planning, these are the guys you would want to talk to. Planning their 4G launch for the past five years, Reliance has been doing their homework really well.
The Past: We all remember those tiny Reliance handsets which took the market by the storm and created a near monopoly for Reliance in that specific market segment. My mom still has one of those phones and believe me, they're durable. With the advent of severe technological changes and shortening of a product's (mobile phones) consumable life cycle, along with a rise in standard of living, Reliance has realized that the same model won't work twice.
That's the good part, learning. Now comes their implementation.
Breaking & Entering:  Airtel has bought the frequencies and the ad spots, launching it's 4G in certain specific regions and are publicizing it as much as they can. Airtel played it safe and kept their image and branding solely limited to the whole "Service Pro…

Bringing humans back to life - Removing the Vitriol

I would like to start by thanking Deeksha for inspiration and for clearing my head out. 
This post is aimed at explaining one of my recent realisations based on techniques I've practiced involuntarily over the years. 
A few things before I start : A. I love Fight Club.   B. I believe in the fact that everyone in this world, no matter who they are, what they do and how they exist, suffer through the same amount of shit.  C. Vitriol actually means bitterness but here I'm referencing this to a book I read a month back - 'Veronika Decides to Die' (thanks Zumur). Vitriol in that book refers to the bitterness which develops inside you over time, killing your willingness to live and driving away all the happiness from your life. It is that mundane routine which causes it, it is your diligent and loving husband, it is the career you've always wanted. Basically, something which makes you bitter enough to stop feeling everything good and rob you off your willingness to live…


I was just travelling back in my Uber and this thought crossed my mind again. Just how it has so many other times, it came back and hit me like a rock in my gut and I sunk into my seat, yet again. A thought about how we love and how we manipulate ourselves to love.
I've always had this idea in my head, but when I saw Inception, I could find words to describe it. "Cobb: I can't stay with her anymore because she doesn't exist.
Mal: I'm the only thing you do believe in anymore.
Cobb: I wish. I wish more than anything. But I can't imagine you with all your complexity, all you perfection, all your imperfection. Look at you. You are just a shade of my real wife. You're the best I can do; but I'm sorry, you are just not good enough"
This is what hits you. You, all your life keep expecting things. Out of people, out of your work, out of yourself, out of everything! Because you have an idea about the thing, the person, the occasion. You keep expecting and …

Time (Waqt)

I went through some poetry and watched a few movies and all of these things indicated towards the fact that there is no other benchmark to measure anything, except time. Time is the only constant which defines our past, present and the future.

My greatest inspiration and most deep rooted understanding came from the following lines, from Javed Akhtar's poem:
"Kabhi kabhi main ye sochta hoon,  Ki chalti gaadi se ped dekho,
Toh aisa lagta hai,
Doosri samt ja rahe hain,
Magar haqikat mein,
Ped apni jagah khade hain.

Toh kya yeh mumkin hai?
Saari sadiya,
Katar andar katar,
Apni jagah khadi ho,
Yeh waqt sakit ho,
Aur hum hi gujar rahe ho?
Is ek lamhe main saare lamhe,
tamam sadiya chhupi hui ho?"

How we feel that we're a part of this race, which we infamously call the race against time. What if this isn't the race? How can you race against something which is standing still and you're the one moving? You can't race against the roads you travel on, can you? 
With this the who…

Hologram Monogram Kinda Life.

Times when you search for validation and proof of authenticity from some twisted set of letters, inscribed in some cryptic manner to mean something. This is you, trying to make sense of things which don't make sense. Point:
Don't make sense, rejoice what is beautiful. Let is absorb you, get absorbed into it. Let it mean something entirely different to you. Be free. Fly. Go away. Dream. Live.

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Gmail/WhatsApp & Fight Club

This was maybe the first weekend where I barely used my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or even Gmail and I feel that this was the most productive weekend I've had in ages!I was free from all the issues of the world, I could introspect and learn what I wanted to. I spent a lot of time learning and completed one third of a course I took up, within the two days.
This is maybe the kind of freedom a weekend deserves and why it is directly proportional to your weekly performance. For two days I did some completely new things. I listened to poetry, I wrote a bit, I chose a name for my future pet plant(seriously), I pursued a course I wanted to, I spend some good time with my family, completed my brother's homework, visited relatives and worked on a few other personal projects. And doing all of this was possible only because I was away from all of these social media/news sources. I'm not saying it is bad to be updated, but our need for information is expanding so fast tha…


Freedom is a concept that does not fit to a human setting. We are born with shackles and all our lives, struggle to get into even tighter ones. You think stardom is freedom? wrong answer. The more you yearn for it, the more it goes away from you. To be truly free, you need to let go and maybe that's what I'm trying to do but I am never going to be truly free. You see, I am ambitious and want to do well with whatever I have gained, over time. Need to do well,  that's my shackle and I've embraced it.

I've always dreamt of having a stable life but stability is far off the charts right now. Currently, survival is the primal need and you can't keep giving in your time to something you feel might give returns in the future. That's why business is simpler, ideas can work out. People are unpredictable, they change and that's when you lose out on your stability because some cog in your giant wheel called life, took off.

Today, I decide to free myself.

Closing time

I'm stealing this title from an amazing play one of my juniors wrote. If you ever get to read this blog, you know that I liked all your work.
The great thing about living is, having a choice. I personally believe that it is you and only you who is responsible for what is happening in your life, but somewhere I know myself that it isn't true. It is like a car, you might not be able to afford a new one in your current state, but you can make the best of what you have right now.
Today I'm talking about the whole idea of opening up or not opening up. Each one of us might feel differently about this, but this is how I feel. There can be many states in which a person can be in this case. This isn't black and white as states I mentioned in one of my previous pieces, regarding heightened emotions. For now, to talk about this, I will use two states only, but there is definitely a gradient between these two.
I've seen mainly two kinds of people, one who open up to anyone. A…

Anxiety - How your everyday office goer is actually a soldier fighting his wars.

I don't know if it has always been there or not but right now it is kind of getting hard to deal with. I don't know how severe this gets but right now, I am feeling it and it doesn't feel good. It just makes you feel so vulnerable, your body temperature starts rising and you start sweating in an air conditioned room. You feel that going out will be the solution but maybe it isn't, you don't even know if you can walk till there or not, all you know is that this isn't right.
I use writing as a source of peace, it helps me let out whatever I have inside my system. Good, bad & ugly, all out right in front of me as I type and feel my heartbeat becoming slower. I always have wondered why does this happen? I have worked in tense situations, so why now? The answer to this could be drawn using a parallel.
We all have seen movies, where soldiers come back home from tense regions and can't adjust back to the normal surroundings. You see, after you've spend ea…

Human connections, interpretations and load balancers.

Us humans, we make connections and that's apparently what makes us human. We connect not like Bluetooth or infrared but like a cobweb. Each point is connected to many other points and all of those are connected to many others, there is no end to these connections.
But maybe our biggest problem is that we imagine too much. We, very conveniently listen to someone's rant (if we have the patience) and while the person is apparently "sharing" his feelings, we're halfway through the search of finding a similar situation in our lives to connect it with. It is worse when we actually think about those similar issues and discard the so-called friend's issues as "small problem, I've faced much more", at least in out heads at some point of time.
That's the problem, how can you possibly do that? Your friend is a different person, different goals, aspirations, actions and reactions to occurrences in life. You can't just generalize it and very conveni…

Heightened Emotions

Through whatever I know of people and myself, I believe that there is no balance. This runs much deeper than the context that I am going to use it in right now, nut that's all for some other post.
Looking at people, I've realized they're in either of the two states of emotions. They're either in their:

Heightened state, where they end up giving importance to the most trivial things. This could be due to fact that everything you touch, you get attached to. This attachment in turn leads to expectations and these, if not fulfilled lead to mayhem in your head. You can obviously choose to turn this off, but would need to realise that you will maybe lose all of your emotional side with it. You see, anger is caused by pain, pain is related to loss, loss is felt the most when the "lost" was loved; all of these are essentially connected together, tied with a string of you heightened state.

There's also a special condition here where all other emotions are just over…

How negotiations might lose you loyalty.

Negotiation (Noun) :  Discussion aimed at reaching an agreement.

We've all negotiated at some point or the other, negotiation has been the symbol and flag-bearer of a more civilized world. We negotiate with everyone and on most of the things, starting from people to life goals everything is negotiable today but does negotiation buy you loyalty?
Think of a scenario where you are buying a product and there is a bargain and negotiation to reach a certain level of comfort on the price of the product. Finally, both the parties are somewhat satisfied and the transaction is complete. Here, negotiations act as an adhesive. As they help in forming relations between strangers based on the trust & acceptance each other has displayed. If the deal is lopsided, then one person will always have a sense of regret towards the whole negotiation and might jump the boat earlier than expected on the cue of a loss which the person is indented to occur. The lopsided nature of a negotiation leads to wo…

Cynical times.

Times when you love George Clooney for the things he says. He's pretty much how every man wants to grow up as. 

Wise words, as always Mr. Clooney. 
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Do you wanna know?

Questions are for people to ask and reply to but are all questions answerable? Do we need to ask all the questions? We're always told "ask the right questions?" But what are these "right" questions, which will lead us to our eternal glory? Are they the stereotypical questions, who's answers you already know or are these the special ones? The ones no one knows the answers to?
Yes, those are a lot of questions and question marks for one paragraph (that's why I switched) but I am still asking.

Humans and fallacies.

At times you want to stay away from people, get away from things you might get attached to. That's mainly because you've either been hurt by someone or.. Well, there's no other reason generally. I keep thinking about this all the time, how to deal with people exactly, is staying away the solution or is it pretending to stay close? Or what? It is a very hard question for me to answer because I love humans. I love talking to people, knowing them, understanding and maybe helping them at some point. I wouldn't say that I'm too generous or saintly, no. I do it because as I said, I love humans. I learn from everyone I can and then move on, it is simple.  This seems easy to say. You meet someone, talk, shake hands, discuss a few ideas and after that you don't know where you are and where they will be. But no, this is a cycle. You talk to someone, you see the good or the bad in them, and decide what you have to do( I believe that all humans are inherently good, some (ma…

The world is square and you are a hare

This is a statement reflective of how the world is so flat at times, flat in terms of ideas and ideologies. We know that it is round and still believe in its squareness. This is reflective of a deep psychological thought process of human beings who do not want to accept the facts, logic and numbers. We believe in what we know, or what we believe that we know. We want easier lives, so we believe in what others believe in and let things be. Abandoning our logic, accepting their faith.
The second half of this statement is in reference to the race between the hare and the tortoise and how individuals today are running after these short term goals and not zooming out to look at the bigger picture. We want to rest, when we tire ourselves and waste time when we know we shouldn't. This false security of us neglecting what we know and believing in what is convenient brings us back to the starting of this statement, completing the full circle of life.