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The world is square and you are a hare

This is a statement reflective of how the world is so flat at times, flat in terms of ideas and ideologies. We know that it is round and still believe in its squareness. This is reflective of a deep psychological thought process of human beings who do not want to accept the facts, logic and numbers. We believe in what we know, or what we believe that we know. We want easier lives, so we believe in what others believe in and let things be. Abandoning our logic, accepting their faith.
The second half of this statement is in reference to the race between the hare and the tortoise and how individuals today are running after these short term goals and not zooming out to look at the bigger picture. We want to rest, when we tire ourselves and waste time when we know we shouldn't. This false security of us neglecting what we know and believing in what is convenient brings us back to the starting of this statement, completing the full circle of life.