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How negotiations might lose you loyalty.

Negotiation (Noun) :  Discussion aimed at reaching an agreement.

We've all negotiated at some point or the other, negotiation has been the symbol and flag-bearer of a more civilized world. We negotiate with everyone and on most of the things, starting from people to life goals everything is negotiable today but does negotiation buy you loyalty?
Think of a scenario where you are buying a product and there is a bargain and negotiation to reach a certain level of comfort on the price of the product. Finally, both the parties are somewhat satisfied and the transaction is complete. Here, negotiations act as an adhesive. As they help in forming relations between strangers based on the trust & acceptance each other has displayed. If the deal is lopsided, then one person will always have a sense of regret towards the whole negotiation and might jump the boat earlier than expected on the cue of a loss which the person is indented to occur. The lopsided nature of a negotiation leads to wo…

Cynical times.

Times when you love George Clooney for the things he says. He's pretty much how every man wants to grow up as. 

Wise words, as always Mr. Clooney. 
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Do you wanna know?

Questions are for people to ask and reply to but are all questions answerable? Do we need to ask all the questions? We're always told "ask the right questions?" But what are these "right" questions, which will lead us to our eternal glory? Are they the stereotypical questions, who's answers you already know or are these the special ones? The ones no one knows the answers to?
Yes, those are a lot of questions and question marks for one paragraph (that's why I switched) but I am still asking.

Humans and fallacies.

At times you want to stay away from people, get away from things you might get attached to. That's mainly because you've either been hurt by someone or.. Well, there's no other reason generally. I keep thinking about this all the time, how to deal with people exactly, is staying away the solution or is it pretending to stay close? Or what? It is a very hard question for me to answer because I love humans. I love talking to people, knowing them, understanding and maybe helping them at some point. I wouldn't say that I'm too generous or saintly, no. I do it because as I said, I love humans. I learn from everyone I can and then move on, it is simple.  This seems easy to say. You meet someone, talk, shake hands, discuss a few ideas and after that you don't know where you are and where they will be. But no, this is a cycle. You talk to someone, you see the good or the bad in them, and decide what you have to do( I believe that all humans are inherently good, some (ma…