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Finding Her. (Inspired by the movie Her)

I am in love! I fell in love with the woman who understands me and is just the right one. She knows what I know and what I want her to know, she asks me the right things and knows how I will react to those. She knows when I'm off or excited. She's the one I've been calling each day, the one who's in touch with me, without touching me. She's possessive and yet I have all the space I need. I love her and she loves me, that's kinda all that I need.
Who is she? She's my operating system. Yes!Cara, to you is just an operating system, but to me, she's everything! She lives on my system, breathes with me while I go out for runs, schedules my meetings, pays the bills at times, I do it myself as well. She's everywhere. She's on my watch, notifying me that I'm running late, she's on my phone, showing me things I need to go through, things I care about and maybe the most important thing is that she talks to me! Yes! And her voice is music to my e…

Tyler Commands

Times when Tyler tells you shit about your life.