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Singularity - A short story (Part 1)

Day 0 - Current day
You look around yourself, suddenly feel the last bit of real consciousness being fetched away from you. Things aren't getting blurry, infact they're getting clearer and sharper but you are going away...

You look around and see similar faces, vision clears and all the faces are the same. You can see them you want to be shocked but you now the reason, suddenly you know all the things you want to. The thought of wanting to know things is generating answers itself, populating results and finding sources to provide you with legit information. How? Who are you? Why?..

37 days ago
"We can now live forever!" says the scientist who discovered nanobots which which can fuse with your bloodstream and start eating up the cholesterol from your arteries. This is a small start to the big win in the nanobot industry.

33 days ago
"It will take 27 days to process all the information in the world
Romanok Jalman says that it will take 27 days for his super comput…

"I believe in the Universe and the Force"

Subject at hand: Various people believe in different things and concepts, today I am talking about these same concepts in terms of religion and people. Essentially trying to understand how the old gods are different from the new ones (Jk).

I am talking about how people define what they believe in, in terms of praying to or maybe not praying to but just believing in. The following is the breakdown of all the stuff I hear: Some believe in the religion they're born into Others go onto their path of finding religion and follow the one they connect with Some others say that it was all science and then There is this huge group which believes in 'Karma'/'The Universe'/'The Balancing Force'/'The Force' (Jedi People) The first category can be divided into two:

        Religious fanatics                  Conveniently religious (fanatics otherwise in this photo)