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Today, I cannot believe in anything

Today, I cannot believe in anything. I feel like I am doublechecking everything I hear from multiple sources to support or to refute any opinion or act. I was born in '94 so I didn't always have the internet at my disposal, I saw it flourish and today I am partially afraid of it.

It reminds me of the various books and articles I have read on dystopian societies, which I always thought were great, but fiction. Today, I think I was wrong. I live in a world where news channels show what drives ratings so that more people view the news channels and hence they can sell advertising spots for a higher price. Today I see people sharing their views and getting attacked. Today, I feel disturbed, afraid and confused.

In classic dystopian fiction, there is generally an authoritarian government. Fortunately, we're not there (yet). Not in all parts of the world. There would be people watching you everywhere, everytime and the government will have the power to sniff you out anytime they…

Traveling: The Quantum Realm of travel! [3/7]

Recap: I am have been trying to solve for the issue of how to travel faster for quite sometime now, I tried to do that through Jetpacks and Teleportation. While solving for this issue, I also talk about about my experience in learning.

These are the three lessons I have covered till now:

Problem solving is not about the most evident or the most innovative solutions, it is about understanding the problem the best.No, you can't magically get success the second time. It takes more tries.There is so much to learn and understand in this Universe, so get out there and explore. 
After realizing that I will probably never bridge the cost and the energy gap, required to actually Teleport, I was actually falling back to the most doable idea: The Jetpack. It was simple and the most possible and I didn't need to do any math, it seemed simple enough that I could visualize it and well.. it was doable, somehow(here).

That is the exact same time when I had a trivial incident, which changed my…

Trivial incident which triggered a change in my perspective

I was sitting in a cafe, eating a mango slice. Trying to consume as much mango, as fast as possible because.. mango. Then in my quest to consume, I suddenly ate some of the peel and my face turned started gaining similarities to the nun from Conjuring 2. Post which I made a comment on these lines, "Shit, ate the damn peel." my friend replied "Its okay, people eat mango peel" and to that I wildly protested, saying "Only poor people have it because they don't have anything to eat" that's when he dragged me to the other end of the cafeteria and showed me multiple people who were eating mango with the peel.

I was shocked to my wits and went back the memory lane to understand how I came up with this idea and the reason which I traced this to was me seeing a kid near a trash can eating mango peels, to that kid I offered a few bananas that I was carrying. I am not saying the kid was eating it for taste but that association led me to believe that probabl…

Traveling: Teleportation and un-learning to learn [2/7]

Recap: Post my journey on how to solve for traveling, I came to the conclusion that jetpacks are probably not the way to go. Here I am, to take things forward.

My first lesson: Problem solving is not about the most evident or the most innovative solutions, it is about understanding the problem the best.  Now, I had the huge task of clearing my brain out and actually listing down the issue at hand. What did I dislike (note: I am toning the hate a bit down because emotions cloud your judgement) the most about traveling. I came across a few broad points:

Time, I waste. Time..Time.... That was it. I didn't actually want to travel faster or reach somewhere sooner. I didn't want to spend time on it AT ALL. I would love to travel, follow a path in the woods, walk on a trail of crushed brown leaves, but that is something I would do for pleasure. I don't want to do all of that while I am wanting to get to office or to the place where I would do the same. I knew my problem finally:

Traveling: Jetpacks and problem solving [1/7]

I have often heard that people love to 'travel', they love moment of it and it creates an 'experience' for them. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. I love a partial idea of traveling. I like going to a museum or a beach or a hill and look around, write poetry and probably sing (read: croak), but I genuinely detest the idea of spending 8 hours in a flight or a bus to get to some place where the actual experience for me starts. That is probably one of the major reasons why I 'travel' so less. 
While thinking about this idea, I went deeper to understand what is it that delays this even more and one answer to most of my problems was 'traffic'. That's when I decided that this is it! this is the issue I need to find a solution to and then I should be fine, without traffic I can actually reduce the time taken to reach a place and that would be the best.
I used to cover around 102 Kms everyday (according to Google maps, though I think I covered a little …