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Duniya kahe usey Paagal.

Kyun dartein hain hum,
Aise kaam kyun kartein hain hum,
Kyun yeh quaayanaat usne banaayi,
Kyun raat ke baad na kabhie woh subha aayi,
Kyun hum theher gayein iss duniya ke saath,
Kyun badal dee humne apni chaal,
Kyun rang dhangh woh hosh hawas,
Sabb udd gayein saath leke woh yaadash,
Abb toh wo yaadein bhee ho gayi hain dhundhlee,
Jabb na koi parwaah thee,
Naa yeh dunya thee.

Iss duniya ko usne jabb banaaya,
Iss insaan ko jabb usne taraasha,
Iss zameen ko usne chuna,
Aasmaan ko bunaa,
Yeh na socha hoga usne,
Ki yahee tarashein huey putle,
Banaa deinge zanjeerein,
Zanjeerein unn putlon ke liye,
Jinhe woh tarashega apni fursat mein,
Jinhein woh banaayega itni shiddat se,
Unhee putlon ke liye,
Humne kasi zanjeerein.

Kyun humne diye naam har cheez ko,
Kyun humne kasaa inn zanjeero ko,
Kyun hum chaltein rahein iss raah pe,
Jahaan na koi manzil,
Na koi jahaan.

Aur jo na kare inn zanjeero ki izzat,
Jo chodna chaahe inki jakdan,
Jo jaanna chahe iss  duniya ke asli rang,
Rehna chahe uss aasmaa…

The Master of Puppet or The Knight in Shining Armour?

John Pierpont Morgan the founder of 'J.P. Morgan and Chase'. The man who in his time put a halt to the ‘Panic of 1907’ wherein the NYSE fell almost 50% from its peak the year before and the ‘Panic of 1893’ where he helped the US Treasury out of the crisis. He was the most experienced and the most respected Financier and Banker in his time. He was also the man who managed to raise $25 million in 1907 within ten minutes and helped the NYSE from crashing down and hitting rock bottom. That's something that no one else other than Mr. Morgan could have done.
If you look through the whole scenario which existed then during 'The Panic of 1907' then it all seems like a natural sequence of events wherein the NYSE kept tumbling down and created a big rift within the minds of the investors. With people pulling out of the banks heavily and the banks being left with fewer deposits, it was a hard time for the United States economy. This panic was triggered by the failed attempt to…

Thirteen a charm?

With Pranab Da hopefully making it to the ‘Rashtrapati Bhavan’ soon and making into the history books as the 13th president of India our country would witness one of its finest minds of this country as the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces. The UPA after a lot of debate has put forward the candidature of Pranab Da.
Mulayam Singh has also played his part very brilliantly as the game changer. Singh who initially allied with Didi and was showing his full support to whomsoever Didi puts forward played his game tactfully and suddenly changed the whole game by one day coming out and declaring his support for the UPA candidate. This strengthened his position within UPA and let Didi dance off with the skeletons.

On the last day of his office as the Finance Minister he cleared FDI proposals of 2000 crores keeping in mind the ‘effect on poor people’ as he mentioned. Now it’s on Manmohan Singh to take care of Pranab Da’s office too.

Suddenly after Pranab Da left his office the Sense…