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Thirteen a charm?

With Pranab Da hopefully making it to the ‘Rashtrapati Bhavan’ soon and making into the history books as the 13th president of India our country would witness one of its finest minds of this country as the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces. The UPA after a lot of debate has put forward the candidature of Pranab Da.

Mulayam Singh has also played his part very brilliantly as the game changer. Singh who initially allied with Didi and was showing his full support to whomsoever Didi puts forward played his game tactfully and suddenly changed the whole game by one day coming out and declaring his support for the UPA candidate. This strengthened his position within UPA and let Didi dance off with the skeletons.

On the last day of his office as the Finance Minister he cleared FDI proposals of 2000 crores keeping in mind the ‘effect on poor people’ as he mentioned. Now it’s on Manmohan Singh to take care of Pranab Da’s office too.

Suddenly after Pranab Da left his office the Sensex started showing a positive outlook while ending at
17429.98 [+439.22‎ (2.59%‎)] on 29th June. This was either due to investors hope for a better Economy or just Mr. Singh (this time Manmohan) showing signs of hope. Singh has been reiterating that we aren’t really in a crisis and it is just a minute effect of the international scenario on our markets and this trick has somehow worked combined with some tax issues related clarification which has also helped the Rupee to climb up after the tumble that it has been taking for a while now.

The question for the investors still remains the same- “Where to invest?” even after the current reforms which took place in the retail sector the investment has been very less. This has been due to the uncertainty which exists among the investors globally. People don’t know where to invest and how safe the investment would be. The FDI in multibrand retail still needs to be a percentage because if it is turned to 100 percent then the huge population whose livelihood is ‘The Kirana Store’ which they own would be destroyed completely. Amidst all of this careful steps must be taken to shape the Indian Economy at this stage.

The so called gold in which at one point there was no scope of loss is showing a sign of future problems as if a person invests in gold today according to the current value of the Indian and tomorrow if the rupee appreciates at a rate higher than the gold then a loss would be there on that persons account. With the Euro in turmoil and the experts showing signs of ‘No way out’, the world economy seems to be on a quicksand ready to swallow it all in.

Right now what India needs powerful leaders, visionaries and solutions. Solutions for an economy like that of India, adhering to its complexity and beauty at the same time. We need leaders who would fight on issues related to the development of our nation rather than cartoons of dead leader in our children’s book . We need to keep aside Nepotism, Caste, Fear, Money etc. and choose our leader who represent us and not that elite which doesn't care about us. 

So will Pranab Da's 13 be a charm? Or will it be the changing moment. WIll he prove himself worth the seat or go for a world tour like Mrs. Patil? Will he prove himself as the president of India who would actually change something and do something rather than just sitting and sipping coffee in the private jet. Will he be someone better than Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam or be just a false alarm?Let’s hope for the best.

Oh wait! I meant UPA-2. I don't know how we sustained two, but yes two.


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