The Startup Syndrome (Internet)

Disclaimer: This article is not to discourage or malign the ongoing internet based companies or startups. It is an opinion. 

'Startup' should actually be the word of this decade. Since the start of this millenia we have seen a new buzz in the youth allover, 'Startup'. With companies ready to invest in ideas which might revolutionize the world and get them some good returns. But we've experienced the biggest wave of these after the current decade started. With the success of ongoing startups as inspiration, more and more individuals and group decided to try their hand at starting something of their own. 

"Who wants to work under a boss, when you can be your own boss?" this was what I always heard from some budding entrepreneurs. Some are doing it for the drive, some for the passion, some for the adrenaline rush and some are just doing it because they want to discover. Now out of all of these startups a huge majority is inclined towards one domain. The Internet. 

The problem is that while there are so many people doing the same thing, it is obviously the one who's idea clicks the most and the one who sells it the best* which works but now with so many bright minds working towards the similar kind of idea this whole setup is becoming too congested and suffocating. I mean we talk about the Social Media like it is the one and only thing but this market is just becoming so scattered that it is becoming very difficult for consumers to find legitimate and qualified companies to do work with. 

All that this scattering and distribution among smaller units is doing is that it is creating an environment where there is no scale of measurement actually. The portfolios are the only way to judge but a standard still does not exist on how to rate these agencies which claim to be the cheapest or the best because in such industries price is set according to the deal and the client's stature. 

Without any standard and system the good thing is that it is all a real fight for flesh and blood. It works not only on laws of demand and supply but referrals add a human touch to this race. The problem here is also the client which becomes a little too irritating with the limited (or in some cases too much) knowledge about the business and that again leads to bad mouthing because of your choice of a bad customer. 

So what I hope is that there is some standard set in this business so as to make things more visible and proper. It is one industry, which if directioned properly could generate a large amount of revenue but the point is that there should be value for the money you pay and that will only come after standardization maybe.

#By qualified I do not mean that a degree should be involved but the works legitimacy and the knack for it.
* I've written on this before


  1. People mistake a 'Startup' with a business. 'Start-ing up' seems to be the "IN" thing hence the amount of people going through all this. If money is the prime concern, then you are running a business and NOT a Startup.

  2. Absolutely.
    Startup is passion.
    Business is know.

  3. But money is important for survival. I believe when you start up something, you would eventually want to break even. And if that sounds plausible, you can make it big. At the end of the day, the start up would evolve into a business.

  4. A startup is about passion. Not money, money is like a precipitate. A substrate.

  5. Yes... Its the thrill of heading into the unknown and discovering stuff on your own - its like having the world as your playground of experimentation !

  6. But please elaborate this standardization that you wish to implement?
    The beauty of it this whole concept of start-ups lies in the fact that there is no standardization!

    1. Hi!
      This is a little late but eventually I stumbled upon some people who actually do this.

      Check this out.

  7. I feel that there should be a set standard of work that can be set. An accreditation which would make it a little more organised and more fruitful. Atleast you will know what you're paying for.


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