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NaMo ya na NaMo?

‘Namonitis’  that’s what the congress called the new virus which has taken over the Bhartiya Janta Party. With the Bhariya Janta Party which claimed itself to be ‘A party with a difference’ is not coming out to be a ‘Party with differences’, it seems like a rough patch for them the next year. With differences in the different strata of the internal structures of the party, the BJP fails to come up with a prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 elections. Eleven months is all they have now to come up with a leader who could turn the rein of the UPA which has lasted for a decade now.
Narendra Modi (Namo) is now the one of the most popular candidate from the BJP’s point of view. ‘A visionary leader who has taken Gujrat to its heights’ but excuse me? Wasn’t Gujrat already a ‘developed state’ because that’s what LK Advani said questioning NaMo’s potential. The senior leaders of the BJP have not commented on what they want but it is evident that NaMonitis hasn’t caught them in its grip. T…