NaMo ya na NaMo?

‘Namonitis’  that’s what the congress called the new virus which has taken over the Bhartiya Janta Party. With the Bhariya Janta Party which claimed itself to be ‘A party with a difference’ is not coming out to be a ‘Party with differences’, it seems like a rough patch for them the next year. With differences in the different strata of the internal structures of the party, the BJP fails to come up with a prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 elections. Eleven months is all they have now to come up with a leader who could turn the rein of the UPA which has lasted for a decade now.

Narendra Modi (Namo) is now the one of the most popular candidate from the BJP’s point of view. ‘A visionary leader who has taken Gujrat to its heights’ but excuse me? Wasn’t Gujrat already a ‘developed state’ because that’s what LK Advani said questioning NaMo’s potential. The senior leaders of the BJP have not commented on what they want but it is evident that NaMonitis hasn’t caught them in its grip. They are still not in favour of NaMo as a potential Prime Minister.

NaMo rides on the chariot which shows what he’s done for Gujrat and how successfully he has presided as the undisputed champion there. He claims that Gujrat which has always been a business hub was nurtured by him and under his rein has shown growth of unbelievable magnitude. Yes, all of that is true and its brilliant that he’s done that *applause* but let’s look at the bigger picture?

The saffron clan has always tried to put up a secular image, which it is somewhat rallying right now but if you look at NaMo and the image that he creates, it is anything but secular. We talk about his successes and how India needs an authoritative leader but we don’t look back at Rajiv Gandhi and what happened back then. The congress fell after the hardest Prime Minister this country had ever seen was assassinated on 21st May 1991. He was the last authoritative leader that India saw. A leader who wanted to change and was bringing it. After his assassination there have been various leaders but none have been so strong.

NaMo is seen as a new revolution. Backed by the ‘Facebook Likes’ and the ‘twitter follows’. NaMo has used social media like none has ever. But is NaMo what India needs? Or to start with, is it him the BJP itself wants? No matter what happens, no matter how much the congress loots the people of India, the BJP will never get a clear majority at the centre. It would always need the help of some eminent regional leaders. Didi in West Bengal and maybe Nitish from the Bihar. Without their support it is very unlikely for the BJP to come to power, if at all. And if we look at NaMo the knight in shining armour shares a very delicate (BAD) relationship with Nitish Kumar and if Didi is with the BJP, it would be hara-kiri for her to give up the PM’s spot to NaMo because she holds around 30 seats. Which is a lot. Adding to that she will lose quite a huge amount of muslim support which accounts for almost 30% of the voting population of that area. For Nitish NaMo has started putting in hurdles, NaMo is being preached as a lower class, simple man who will support Bihar as no one else has ever and what they’re using against Ntish’s brilliant performance is the fact that he’s ‘Kumri’ from an upper cast. Now these are the different games that NaMo is playing in every state. 

Experimenting and challenging leaders. NaMonitis has quite literally hit the BJP showing the evident rift.
NaMo has made name for himself but has severed relationship with all the top BJP leaders. He’s the popular choice of the lower BJP levels but is he really worthy enough? We keep telling tales of his brilliance in Gujrat but we tend to forget that he went to Himachal, Karnataka where BJP faired very badly. And also how can we forget Maharashtra where BJP doesn’t even have a seat. He went to all of those places and yet the result was the same. Defeat. That’s why the experts say that he has been in Gujrat and it works for him because the state has a very different mental setup and due to that, he’s still there and of course his work is also appreciated. But is all of that enough to clear up the slate of 2002? Or is it enough to get BJP atleast 175 seats at the centre, so that they are in a condition to form a government?

So is NaMonitis going to hit India soon? If he’s the one then let’s hope that India is ready for 2014 elections because they’re going to be one of the most important elections in India’s history.
“NaMo ya Na NaMo”



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