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Democracy- The sweet poison.

Democracy, the tool which enabled the people to choose what they wanted. A tool which enabled them to choose a leader amongst themselves, who would understand what they need and take up a position of power to meet those needs. It’s more like one of those dialogues from the movies, “One man shall rise, to end this all. To make things better, to give us what we need, our freedom, our rights and will fight our fight.” This is what democracy was supposed to do but right now, I really don’t see that happening.
Democracy has become this tool, this image of utopia. A concept which shows the people a beautiful picture, where each man is free. No shackles, no restraints, do what you want to do. But that barely happens. What’s happening now is that Democracy actually binds us tightly to the immovable stones of “mass belief”. Simple example, Russian President Mr. Vladmir Putin just signed this ‘Anti-Gay Law’. Being a democracy, they’re actually robbing a person of choosing a partner to share hi…