Democracy- The sweet poison.

Democracy, the tool which enabled the people to choose what they wanted. A tool which enabled them to choose a leader amongst themselves, who would understand what they need and take up a position of power to meet those needs. It’s more like one of those dialogues from the movies, “One man shall rise, to end this all. To make things better, to give us what we need, our freedom, our rights and will fight our fight.” This is what democracy was supposed to do but right now, I really don’t see that happening.

Democracy has become this tool, this image of utopia. A concept which shows the people a beautiful picture, where each man is free. No shackles, no restraints, do what you want to do. But that barely happens. What’s happening now is that Democracy actually binds us tightly to the immovable stones of “mass belief”. Simple example, Russian President Mr. Vladmir Putin just signed this ‘Anti-Gay Law’. Being a democracy, they’re actually robbing a person of choosing a partner to share his/her intimacy with. How can a democracy do that? It is not ‘hurting’ anyone, neither is it putting any pressure on someone. It is just that one wishes to share his/her sexuality with a person of the same sex.  So what leaders are actually doing is filling up their vote banks using these arguments related to ‘cultural sentiments’ and just winning elections.

Let’s come a little closer, talk about Pakistan. What Nawaz Sharif did was that he went to each and every place and said, “Dear people, we’re gonna build an airport just right next to your place.” And poor people who did not understand much of what was happening were awestruck because hey, having an airport in your village is very cool. But excuse me? These people don’t have electricity in their houses, they don’t have food security or job security or maybe access to proper health care facilities. What about all of that? These poor and foolish people got trapped between these grand promises by Nawaz Sharif and the ones which Imran Khan made, which were more like “If you don’t have electricity, we’ll get electricity to your house. We’ll light (provide electricity, not burn) these villages, provide people with water and food and all the things you need, to live a better life.” And because these people didn’t know much like small little kids, they believed in the grand dreams that Nawaz Sharif painted for them and elected him as their leader. Now, did they do the right thing? I don’t think so but they do because they’re poor people, they are like kids, kids to whom if you show an aeroplane will open his mouth in awe rather than having a clean glass of water to drink. Here, people’s backwardness and mindlessness was used to channelize votes.

When we come back to our home, I don’t need to say anything. We have the left which has been left behind by the people of Bengal and the new tiger which they elected as their chief is Didi who blames the left of plotting attacks and creating chaos and what not. Basically, if her faucet isn’t working then it’s the left which affected it. We have Mr. Rahul Gandhi, the 43 year old face of Indian youth who has really not done anything except being born in the Gandhi family. I think that took a lot of effort. All that the Congress does is that use the ‘Gandhi’ title and use each of their descendants as the face of their party and if you look at it, Gandhi was also a surname given to Feroze Gandhi by Mahatma Gandhi. So, technically the Gandhi’s right now are nowhere related to Mahatma Gandhi and half of us Indians still feel that it’s all Mahatma Gandhi’s fault. Then we have the ‘Bhartiya Jhagda Party’ and their NDA, which had 34 members when it was in power, which has now reduced to 3 or 4. In the Congress everyone knows their hierarchy, whereas here there is a rift. The upper strata or let’s say which used to be the upper strata has now been peeled away from the face of this party and their new hero is Mr. Narendra Modi who a.k.a Rambo a.k.a NaMonitis a.k.a I don’t know what all. This man is the only man who actually has some support to his claim maybe, some good development in an already developed state (and speculated of being involved in the 2002 riots and the whole Ishrat Jahan’s fake encounter incident). He has some great achievements to his name. We also have, Nitish Kumar who showed a brilliant growth rate in Bihar (where later there turned out to be, let’s call it a discrepancy) and is losing votes after the BJP started its propaganda -"Hey! He’s from an upper caste and Modi is from a lower cast*" and it is an unwritten law that a man from the lower caste is always going to be better than that of the upper cast (you know, perhaps because all the heroes in these Indian movies come from really poor background. (This is why I like Hollywood- Batman-TonyStark)). In the south there’s a whole new story where people are still electing the same people who are continuously scamming them and pocketing their money.

Look at the places where democracy was enforced. Are these people happy? Afghanistan and Iraq have become so unstable that there’s no going back. Just war and bloodshed everywhere. The people who think Democracy is right, just enforced it onto the people, putting up a puppet in the seat so that they can siphon all the resources that they need to run their country. The same country where they take care of their citizens by peeking into their lives by recording and tapping everything they do. If someone leaks something or decides to stand out and show the people what’s actually happening, he’s a fugitive- An Enemy of the state. Previously Jullian Assange and now Edward Snowden, both are wrong and the enemies of these states because they showed the people what was actually going on. It’s more like going back to old times when Galileo was banned for telling people the truth. It’s a circle and we’re all going back to the exact same place we came from.

I think enough of the examples, what I really want to put across is that Democracy is this sweet poison that you give a child. It’s like a lollipop which the kid takes willingly and shuts up and slowly that drug inside it poisons his body, he likes it because it’s all colourful and sugarcoated. Each time you give it to him, let him elect a leader, he thinks it’s better for him, he thinks all this dizziness is going to pass, maybe he’s sleepy but soon enough it keeps on poisoning him until he realizes that it’s the only way to live.

In real world, democracy is a weapon which is being used on people. We were supposed to be free, we didn’t want to be spied on? I mean if it were so, we would have gone to China and lived there! But we chose our country and now all of it seems so trivial because all the games are the same and so are the players. The ministers own the companies, the companies hold the economies and the economy holds the world. Democracy? Bah! Humbug!

*Here this refers to EBC


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