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Travel safe (Short Story)

The idea was to continue from a paragraph that someone else had written and continue the story.

A cannibalistic, psychopathic, schizophrenic serial killer escapes. Her biggest asset, she looks like an angel. She hitchhikes from the highway. Finds two young men who give her a lift. They want to take advantage of her. Drive her to a secluded cabin.
She agrees, with a smile.
(Where I continued from)

The car is a Cadillac DTS 2006 model, displaying their attachment to luxury. She’s sitting at the back with one of the two guys. Sometimes not driving does pay off and that’s why John moved from the passenger seat to the back seat with this new stranger. She is shy, her eyes are sea green and her soft brown hair play with the wind when Hamish rolls the windows down.
She looks at John and asks him, “Do we get to introductions? Or are we here just to have fun” and inches closer to her. She smiles and suddenly replies to her own question the Wall Street bankers “Hi, I am Irene. Do you have some wa…