Travel safe (Short Story)

The idea was to continue from a paragraph that someone else had written and continue the story.

A cannibalistic, psychopathic, schizophrenic serial killer escapes. Her biggest asset, she looks like an angel. She hitchhikes from the highway. Finds two young men who give her a lift. They want to take advantage of her. Drive her to a secluded cabin.

She agrees, with a smile.

(Where I continued from)

The car is a Cadillac DTS 2006 model, displaying their attachment to luxury. She’s sitting at the back with one of the two guys. Sometimes not driving does pay off and that’s why John moved from the passenger seat to the back seat with this new stranger. She is shy, her eyes are sea green and her soft brown hair play with the wind when Hamish rolls the windows down.

She looks at John and asks him, “Do we get to introductions? Or are we here just to have fun” and inches closer to her. She smiles and suddenly replies to her own question the Wall Street bankers “Hi, I am Irene. Do you have some water? I am really thirsty”. She does this with a different surge inside her, Jon’s taken aback. He leans to the small fridge, right behind the gearbox and gets some wine. “That’s all we got for now!” He says, with bloodshot eyes trying to get closer to her.

He asks her, “So, Irene.. You’d like to come to our place tonight?”. The car changes the lane sharply and John gets drifted towards Irene, without holding back, he crushes her with his weight and Irene’s head is squashed into the window half opened.

“I am sorry!” Hamish screams from the front seat, apologizing for the swift change. John asks Hamish to roll up the screen between the driver’s seat and them, while talking to Irene and flirting with her hair. While Hamish was rolling up the window, Irene and John kiss and Irene keeps staring at the rear view mirror, right into Hamish’s eyes.

Another sharp turn, the screen is rolled up. Hamish bursts into an array of sorrys and suddenly realizes that it doesn’t matter now and keeps driving.

He hears Irene’s voice, little muffles. “This is shit privacy, damn Holmes could here all the shit I said.” Irene knocks on the screen after 11 minutes of driving, “Hey-mish, I think your friend John passed out. I mean” there is something different about her voice. She’s a mixture of a cute little cheerleader and this beautiful green eyed woman, you’d want to know more. “Green eyes, damnit!”, Hamish says, while taking another sharp change of lanes. “Now that it is you and me, with around another hour of driving, would you mind helping me stay awake?”. With this he starts slowing down the car. “Don’t stop, I’ll come”.

She climbs out of the backseat, with the bottle of wine and asks Hamish to roll the screen back up. “Do you know I was just talking to my friend after your friend passed out on me and he said that there is a small shack where we can scoot in for a night. It’s nearly a 5 minute drive from here”. “I think you’re just screwing around with me because I turned to sharply, I’m just saying that I’ve done this before, I’m not sleepy at all!”. 3 seconds later, there is another sharp turn. “Okay, where is this shack of yours?”

They park the car near the small house, walk towards it and knock on the door. No one answers.
“It’s Sher’s house, just get in!” Irene says and asks hamish to go check if there are any lights switched on the other side. He starts strolling and then decides that he should get John from the car. While walking towards the car, Irene calls out “Hello, Got in.”

Hamish walks back, Irene is holding the door for him. She smiles for him like a cute kid. “Sher let me in! She’s a cutie.”
“Where is your friend now?”
The door closes, following that is a sharp pain on the back of someone’s head and a scream blasts the house.

A shadow walks out of the front door, opens the Cadillac's door and drags John’s body back to the house. John has no pulse. The phone is picked up, a number is dialed, the same old boring ring
“Got her. Lost him. Win-win”


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