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Middle Class Man.(1)

Series of short stories.

I am a middle class man with my middle class life. I’m neither too rich not too poor but yes, I’m somewhere in the middle ‘Stuck’. Maybe not so ‘stuck’ but yes, I’m content. Like all to all it’s a pretty damn good life. Or I’d say it was.

So, the other day I saw this girl. (Yes, it all starts with a girl.)Pretty. Like really pretty. Went, talked to her. We became friends. So becoming friends was like a really good thing. Got to spend a lot of time with her but somewhat it increased the intensity of my ‘Likeness’ towards her. So, after sharing a couple of meals together, I tried gathering some courage to ask her out for Lunch/Dinner/Supper whatever you call it and we did go for it! It was a really good night with stars making patterns and the moon shining upon us. But (yes, there is always a but) It was good for her friends too coz apparently all of us went.*Sigh*

So, after a few days I thought of asking her out but I realized it is too early (although it wasn’t. I’m just a little slow). So, we became ‘Good Friends’ and then I get to hear that apparently I’m not the only guy who is attracted to her. Apparently it’s this whole bunch of guys all over the goddamn town. So, yeah keeping that aside, we still kept talking and all. One day she found some new friends(actually her friends found some new friends and she was friends with those friends so they became her friends too. Get it right?) . Hmm. So, she did. I was fine with it. I mean I’m neither her daddy nor her boyfriend and even if I were I wouldn’t have had the authority to ask her to choose her friends or stick to me all the time! That’s just insane. So, we distanced. Kinda maybe started distancing. I saw less of her (she barely saw me).


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Today, I cannot believe in anything

Today, I cannot believe in anything. I feel like I am doublechecking everything I hear from multiple sources to support or to refute any opinion or act. I was born in '94 so I didn't always have the internet at my disposal, I saw it flourish and today I am partially afraid of it.

It reminds me of the various books and articles I have read on dystopian societies, which I always thought were great, but fiction. Today, I think I was wrong. I live in a world where news channels show what drives ratings so that more people view the news channels and hence they can sell advertising spots for a higher price. Today I see people sharing their views and getting attacked. Today, I feel disturbed, afraid and confused.

In classic dystopian fiction, there is generally an authoritarian government. Fortunately, we're not there (yet). Not in all parts of the world. There would be people watching you everywhere, everytime and the government will have the power to sniff you out anytime they…

Four liners - The Water Set

These are some 4 line poems which I write when I am slightly low and want to feel better. Apparently, getting it out of my system is a real solution which works for me 🤷🏻‍♂️

Drowning and Ducks
I drowned before I swam,
No ducks were my friends,
I swim with my eyes to the floor,
Mostly, I am still alone.

Disappointed by the land,
I flew to the turbulent seas,
The waves drowned me this time,
I washed up on the beach.

More water

Fishes swam to sing,
I drowned myself to hear them,
Fishes died breathing the fresh air,
I grew a pair of gills.

I M, the attention eating plague

IM Instant messaging
Background: I have a gift, the gift is the ability to sleep almost anywhere instantly and most of the time my phone is mostly on ‘silent mode’, so I never hear the beeps. Infact, sometimes I get shocked when I hear an unfamiliar sound coming out of my pants. 👖 (pant emoji is the fun most thing I discovered today)
Trigger incident: As usual, I was sleeping on my way to the airport and this time the only difference was that my mobile was not on silent. While I was listening to Damien Rice and getting ready to fall asleep, I hear a ping. I didn’t open my eyes but then I heard 7 more. After the first one, I had told myself that it is okay to let go one text but it still took mental processing. However, when the flurry started then I was just so impatient that anything could have happened. I tried to rationalize and wait but realized it was just me worrying about what they could have been and wasting time on that rather than fixing the instant gratification monkey 🐒wi…