Middle Class Man.(1)

Series of short stories.

I am a middle class man with my middle class life. I’m neither too rich not too poor but yes, I’m somewhere in the middle ‘Stuck’. Maybe not so ‘stuck’ but yes, I’m content. Like all to all it’s a pretty damn good life. Or I’d say it was.

So, the other day I saw this girl. (Yes, it all starts with a girl.)Pretty. Like really pretty. Went, talked to her. We became friends. So becoming friends was like a really good thing. Got to spend a lot of time with her but somewhat it increased the intensity of my ‘Likeness’ towards her. So, after sharing a couple of meals together, I tried gathering some courage to ask her out for Lunch/Dinner/Supper whatever you call it and we did go for it! It was a really good night with stars making patterns and the moon shining upon us. But (yes, there is always a but) It was good for her friends too coz apparently all of us went.*Sigh*

So, after a few days I thought of asking her out but I realized it is too early (although it wasn’t. I’m just a little slow). So, we became ‘Good Friends’ and then I get to hear that apparently I’m not the only guy who is attracted to her. Apparently it’s this whole bunch of guys all over the goddamn town. So, yeah keeping that aside, we still kept talking and all. One day she found some new friends(actually her friends found some new friends and she was friends with those friends so they became her friends too. Get it right?) . Hmm. So, she did. I was fine with it. I mean I’m neither her daddy nor her boyfriend and even if I were I wouldn’t have had the authority to ask her to choose her friends or stick to me all the time! That’s just insane. So, we distanced. Kinda maybe started distancing. I saw less of her (she barely saw me).


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