Middle Class Man.(2)

When we saw less of each other then I tried being okay with it. I got new friends too. Like a LOT many but I’m more of a ‘More on talking rather than actually going’ kind of person. So, I counted myself out on all of those trips to the bars and clubs.

Getting back to the girls. She was still the prettiest I had seen but as the new batch came the others in the town shifted their attention to this other girl who apparently had a brilliant ‘front and rare with a nice boot’.  (That was more of a code language)(actually not so well coded). But the new problem was that this girl was not the only one. People kept getting hotter and hotter by the day and guys kept flocking to the so called ‘sight-seeing’ places where you get to see the best. I kept low, I mean I was doing well as an al rounder but yes, with girls not much. Just casual talking and chit chat, sometimes food with their friends (who apparently were my friends too). I had some meals with that girl too (the old one I was talking about) but yeah, it was just SOMEtimes. We were still fine friends and doing pretty well.

One day I saw her near this nice sitting area, I saw her from the side. She had her hair open. She looked absolutely beautiful. With the wind stroking her face and her hair flowing with the mild wind came a smile, a smile on her face. (Damn, I have it captured in my mind.) I kept staring at her from a distance and walking towards her. I have a vision of 6/6 but my eyes were so focused on her that I couldn’t see anyone else. It was more like one of those films in which the camera focuses on someone’s face and everything else is blurred. Yes, that was my situation. I somehow managed to cross the road and come near her but as I was approaching her I saw that sitting beside her was this really handsome man (actually no, he was more of a dude/stud kinda guy). They were looking really happy. I walked right passed her and she didn’t even blink.


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