I don’t know what is happening. Things are moving way too fast. All of us have changed so much. We have started doing things which we always stood up against. The power of will is vanishing into the smoke (Metaphorical). We’ve all become tools. Yes, tools for one another. Earlier it was all about friendship and the bond that we shared but now, I am sure that its anything but the bond because when it was the bond we really didn’t talk . Life has become more of this monotonous race in which I’m running and you’re running and all the people around us are running. My teacher always asked me not to run that race. She always asked me to stand out. I somehow always did but now, I feel the whole idea of standing out and making a difference has vanished. It is not even about making a difference but it’s the stance you take. For the first time I am not able to take a stance. Find a reason. Motivation. Everything is just so dull, all hear is a lull. I've started calling life unfair. If I look clearly it is the biggest lie that I’m consoling myself with. I mean how can life not be fair? Life has always kept a constant pace for us. Made us cry the same amount as we’ve laughed. Still, while knowing all of it we tend to blame life.  I blame life. Have been blaming life. For a while. After writing this I feel that I’d do anything but blame life. Understanding the fact that my life loves me and I love my life. Al the decisions I’ve made our mine. The roads I’ve travelled, the path transversed. All my choice and I don’t regret it.


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