A surge

I was walking by the street outside my house. I saw this glimmering sun, It was beautiful. I kept thinking about what is to be done today while looking at it. It was 6:37 am. I was out for a walk. I reached this place and sat down thinking how beautiful this nature can be. Each time I turned my head all I could notice was beauty. The plants starting to cast shadows, the street lamps dimming, the birds making that soulful chirrup. I couldn’t help but notice the fact that whatever was happening was so complex ad yet so simple. I kept staring at the amazing sky where the clouds were now making sense. A crab was crawling up my left, while a dog was howling on my right. It was all possible just by a simple look at those clouds. I was walking again now, I felt the cool breeze passing and then the wind started blowing. It took the clouds farther away and now a dragon had emerged out of them, with wings and flaring out that violent burst of fire from its pointed face. I could imagine riding it as some dragon rider. Coming back to the real world, I started jogging now. I kept jogging and then I realized that I can race the birds. I tried. I kept moving as fast as I could but it was useless. Those time birds beat me and I felt a sudden surge inside me. J


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