Moonlit Silver

It's a beautiful night,
When you're working late,
and suddenly you draw the curtains,
you look outside,
the same streets which you avoid,
the same shops that you collide,
the same roads jampact,
the same buildings intact,
stand there,

All you see is stillness,
the night outside looks beautiful,
and suddenly a street lamp flickers,
you look at it closely,
you realize that its going to die,
and in the next second,
a spark.

Now that there is no light, 
on the street,
now when there is no one,
on the street,
now when there is silence,
on the street,
and when you look up,
you see the Moon.

The moon is beautiful,
the stars shine bright,
you look at them and want to go outside,
but you still have some work,
you want to feel the moonlight,
you want to watch the stars,
you want to make a wish,
hoping you'd see a shooting star,
you look at the clock,
and notice that,
the hands of the clock make an 'L',
its three a.m.

You move out of your room,
and then look at the moon,
this time, 
without the glass wall in between,
this time with your eyes shining bright,
suddenly you see that street,
the same one you wanted to avoid,
you see those buildings,
the same one that you pass,
all you notice,
is just one thing,
Shimmering silver,
Moonlit silver.


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