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You change the Universe.

Someone once told me "Each time you make a decision, each step you take, you change the universe". I laughed at it in the beginning, not understanding its meaning and said "Let's make love, let’s change the universe". At that time everything was a joke and so it remained for a very long time. Today, I realize what it meant.

As Einstein said "We live in parallel universes", I think it's true. Each time we make a decision we do something we want to, something which will have an effect. When we do something, sometimes before committing to that act we think and in that we time we think of all the scenarios that might take place due to that one decision. In those moments we should realize how important we are. How important is each decision that we make. How important is the whole idea of taking ONE single step.

I know, if we keep thinking about the repercussions of all those steps and decisions etc. we might as well not take any. But that again is one decision which you will make in your universe changing your Universe.

All I want to say is that don't be afraid to take a decision, impulse is good to but at times when you think that your decision is something that would lead to a change, give it a second thought. Think a little before acting. Not always because then you'd be too overworked all the time and one day your head might just burst.

And the second thing I want to put up is that you’re always important. Sometimes when we move from one place to another, one state to another or any such transition we feel this one feeling which is called –“Identity Crisis”. From experience and from what I’ve gone through I’d say it’s both very prevalent and annoying. It is because all of what you’ve made of yourself at one place, the fully established you is now again back to square one. It's like you feel that you’re in Lehman brother’s shoes. (Too much? lol) but I think we should look at it as an opportunity, a challenge and cease it. Wherever we might be, going to a new place opens up new found avenues. All you need to do is take that one decision which will take you closer to your final destination, the place you want to be at and thrive for it because no matter what happens, if you want something and if you really want it, then strive for it and Go Get It.

Remember, you are important. You change the Universe.


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