You explode.

At times there is this situation when you blame it on the fate,
It's that moment when you don't get that shot that great,
When you try too hard and it all falls apart,
Each thing that you've worked for seems a little dark,
When all things you do seem meaningless,
When you feel empty and tired and feelingless,
A moment arises when you start feeling anger,
That anger when you control you make things worse,
You make yourself a pressure cooker and get ready to explode,
Everyone does their own work and so do you,
You look around and frown and still can't scream out loud,
You feel you're captured in the depths of your being,
You feel so heavy that you can't really breathe,
And then one fine day when you just can't take it,
You need a way out and vent it,
You explode coz that is your breaking point.


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