So, is your secret safe? Or is someone watching you?

Is the Big Boss for real? 
'Right to Privacy' is something very important to every individual. Everyone has something to hide. Everyone has a closet in which all the skeletons are buried. Everyone has secrets which might not actually mean anything to a third person but would mean a lot to the individual who's secret it is. We keep those secrets hidden within our texts, our E-mails, Facebook messages, Notes within phones, as pictures, on our computer everywhere and anywhere, wherever we feel it will remain secured wherever we feel it will be safe. We keep it hidden because there are some sentiments attached to it. It can either be how a person siphoned of thousands of crores or an affair that no one knows about or it's just your tiny little shoplifting incident for an adrenaline rush. Whatever it is, it is yours and you expect it to be protected(I'm not advocating the people who siphon money). 

My question is, is it protected? Is it safe in your Mailbox, your BBM, your Whatsapp, Text-inbox, Notes, PC, Laptop, anywhere? Is it? Is it kept hidden inside a password protected folder? Are your calls secured? Or is there someone who can hear you. Someone powerful enough to actually extract all the information about you with a mere raise of a finger. That's the question that I faced after reading some cables on Wikileaks.

While going through some cables released by Wikileaks, I realized the extent to which technology has reached today. With companies and think tanks coming up with technologies which were actually thought to be fiction at one point. If you remember 'The Dark Knight', we witnessed a technology which they related to the concept of 'Sonar' and could track everything in a specific area. If I tell you something like that is actually happening what would be your reply? Frankly, I was shocked.

In certain cables proper presentations which were made and sent by companies like Siemens etc. were sent. I happen to go through one of those. My eyes opened after going through it. They had mention developing a technology which can actually turn your life upside down. What the technology was that, each phone needs to be updated with a software and or a specific chip is to be added to each of the new phones which will be produced. Now this chip will be hidden and no one has to know about it. What this tiny chip would do will be that, it will activate itself if some specifically screened words will pass through it (more like when you talk/Text/E-Mail/BBM etc.). Now if any of these words are detected, then a flag will come up. If this flag is from a specific region, then a computer will do a preliminary background research on the owner of the sim card and come up with a report. After a while if they find you suspicious, then the chip which has been planted in your phone will actually activate your camera and would act as a nice spy cam. Yes, this is the level of technology which is soon going to be available. Your phone, would give them a nice little live feed of 'whatever' you're doing. 

Mobile companies allover the world might actually being using such technologies or might use them in future. Is this how we'd want to live in a free country? Is our life actually our own? Is your closet closed or is someone hiding inside it?


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