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Choices, Questions and Answers.

Life is this infinite loop of choices, questions and answers.
Choices which you take define you, make you what you are and distinguish you from others. Others here refers to the other inhabitants of this world who also might have chosen that same path which you chose at one point or are choosing right now. Sometimes choices are made under pressure and we keep giving excuses like "I didn't have a choice" but all of us need to understand that even if you didn't have a choice, you did make one eventually. You chose the path which you thought is the 'most convenient  at that very point. So, now if you've made that choice then take responsibility for it. One of my friends told me this and I tell this to everyone and to myself that never 'regret'. Never ever should you be crying over the choices you made which might've played a role in get  you to wherever you are.
Questions are infine themselves. If we go into that chain of thought we can create a whole new world of it, of questions and mazes and puzzles which will keep us occupied throughout or whole life. The whole purpose of our existence is a very big question. If we fall into this loop we either just might keep exploring all our lives and become oblivious to all the other things that happen. The weather, the time, day or night, nothing would matter. Only one thing would exist and look clear and real and that would be questions. Questions which you ask to yourself, to the world, to science, to god, to man, to the creator, to the genetics, to circumstances, to choices, to the air, the wind, the water and life. These questions will entangle you into the cobwebs of other questions which would erupt as soon as you would move deeper into the process of finding the answers to those questions.
So your life would might just make you end up with all of those great people who by asking questions have made a name for themselves. The list starts from Adam who asked himself weather to eat the apple or not and ate it making a choice after asking a question to Newton who questioned the falling of an apple and made one of the most significant discoveries in human history. All of these great people asked questions and made choices, choices to learn and choices to explore are there sitting tight in their hall of fame. They are immortal in one sense that their name still goes on without any effort, they still live after being released from the chains of mortal life.
Answers are what you find on your journey and I can't elaborate on that because the journey is yours and so are the questions, so how can I know the answers?
All I have to say is that think, think before you make a choice, before you ask a question,before you know an answer. Know where your choices would lead you, if its a gamble, let it be but know that it is and it might take you anywhere it wants to. As they say about questions, "Ask the right questions and you just might find enlightenment." and about answers, "Ask questions only when you want to know the answers, the answers which you can handle. The answers you want to handle." Because one thing that I have realised in my life is that no one talks about a failures but success stories are what make the news. You never know how many have failed with the answer, asking the wrong questions, making the wrong choices, finding the wrong answers.
Towards the end, its your choice. Either to find answers to your questions or move in the same straight line which leads you one destination where every man reaches at the end. Death. Without any questions, without any answers and with choices of others.


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