Would that be right?

For all our lives, we've waited. Waited for a moment that would change everything. We somewhere deep down inside know that it isn't happening but we let that bit of feeling go. Just to make us feel better.Is life about making ourselves feel better? Or is it about fighting to make ourselves feel better? Is it about the wars that we fight, the throats we slash? Or the smiles we spread around, the evenings we enjoy?

Life is the reality of all fiction and the morals are just our way of confining our lives. Our rules, our regulations are just our further attempt to control everything. To decide what is right and what is wrong. And mind you, this debate on 'right and wrong' has been on since the humans have existed, the second a primitive early human decided to get food for his child, it was decided to be good and hence has ever been established and acclaimed. 

I am not going against the idea of what is right and wrong, nor am I justifying any heinous act. All I am questioning is that, with that when the society grew, we grew our ideas changed. We have changed so profoundly and our minds have reached such a state of enlightenment that we consider the practices which occurred in the period between the primitive man and the man now, as 'crimes against humanity'. 

So according to me the problem actually started when people started getting smarter. What they did is that they defined 'good and bad' according to their comfort. To satisfy their own ego, to fuel their own ambition. 

My point, understand that we don't need to lie to ourselves anymore. We don't need to make a cocoon and hope that we'll come out as a butterfly. We need to work. Let the drops of sweat trickle down our heads and blood be pumped furiously into our arteries, till the time we become oblivious to the world.

But then, would that be right?


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