When you have fear in your mind,
Your heart beats faster,
The sound is so profound,
That your mind clouds further,
Your judgement impaired,
Just that simple fear in your head,
Fear of making it to the cut,
Fear of doing it right,
Fear of regretting your entire life,
Fear of the result of your actions,
and the surprise,
We work hard sometimes,
At other times we don't,
We know we might fail,
Just because we left a single nail,
That nail which we could have knocked in,
Which would have made your ship,
Secured and a delight,
But you couldn't do it,
Because you were tired and it was night,
You closed all your books,
Put your tools aside,
Reached out to your bed,
And the comfort overcame the plight,
This one thing that you're preparing for,
If not the only,
But is important for your life,
But its not just your life that you think about,
Its the others whose joys may subside,
subside just because of you,
Because of the nail you didn't strike,
And you will be blamed,
Because you gave up to the night.

No one will ever ask you,
Why did it happen?
In a tone not so disgustful,
Or one without their pity-shock or surprise,
They'll keep asking you,
Keep pounding on you,
Without knowing how bad it feels,
To fail, which you have,
To know that you've gone wrong,
To know its your fault,
But they don't know that night,
They don't know your fever and your plight,
They don't know that your back hurt,
They don't know that your neurons burst,
All they know is that this is not good,
And that you didn't do the things you should,
And then show some support,
Which will seem so fake and so much in denial,
That you'll readily accept it,
and want to jump from a cliff,
Which is a little higher,
But you would live on,
Just because they say,
"You have to, move on"

And fearing this all,
Fearing your fall,
You'd sweat the night before,
Waiting for your score,
And knowing no matter how much you get,
It wouldn't ever be sufficient,
Knowing how much ever you do,
Won't make it to the cut,
Knowing this maybe you slept,
That night when you rest,
With pain in your bloodshot eyes,
And head spinning,
The ache worsening your plight,
You hope you can just sleep,
With a good dream and close your eyes.


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