InterNet- BarterNet?

I was just writing another article but I realized that this piece is more important than the next one which I was about to. So, here I am.

Have you ever realized that you rely too much on your mobile phonebook? Or too much on Google for everything? I mean everything we need is just a few keys and a click away. So why should we remember anything? This is what has made our lives so disoriented and convenient at the same time. We put down numbers on speed dial because we feel that while we’re hit by a car we can hit that one button and have someone informed and for that we stop remembering numbers. We stop making our projects because we know that someone else would have made it somewhere and we can just 'download' it.

My question is, that is it good? Is not remembering all of this good? Because the way I see it what’s actually happening is that we’re not remembering things that we’re supposed to and this is leading to a containment of our brains and its usage. The worst part is that now days somewhere we’re losing the edge of creativity that we’ve always had. We're having more internet based startups everywhere and we're uploading and downloading each move of our life on the web. Our web print is so huge that anyone can track us within minutes of going through our Instagram, facebook, twitter accounts.

 I feel that the internet has made our vision limited, it stops us from inferring more, analyzing more, from growing more and stops us from getting that one true, pure idea which is ours and ours alone. Which would seed itself somewhere within your bran and grow up to be something brilliant.

I understand that internet has done a lot of good too, and we see it everyday but is this like a barter that we're a part of? 

All we know today is all because of all we read and all we see but is there an ulterior motive behind this? Is there something more? Is there a channeling of our minds and blocking our minds to certain realities which we could have explored without this world which is now so interconnected and so interdependent? It’s a question. Are we being tuned to a societal structure which the governments want us to be a part of?


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