With love from, Your Charlie.

I never knew her that well,
Never really tried too,
Whatever happened,
Was maybe just written somewhere,
We were not really friends,
We were just two souls,
Two people maybe,
Living their lives quite apart,
Different goals, 
Different outlooks,
Afraid of somethings,
And proud of the others,
In our parallel universes,
We made our own mistakes,
None so connected,
No one to understand,
We were different,
We were apart.

But there was this one thing,
Which always used to flow between us,
There was this openness,
Which was warm,
Even without knowing her,
I knew her somewhat,
Even without searching for anything,
I found out a lot,
We connected and it became stronger,
We had our people's in our lives,
Our parallel universes ran,
Just parallel to eachother,
Never affecting one,
Never affecting the other,
We still were a part of the whole,
But the whole wasn't a part of us.

We got close,
And we felt the warmth,
Which we could offer,
For she was fire,
And I was sand,
Mind it fire, not an inferno,
Just fire to make you feel comfortable,
Not to burn you ever,
I was sand, because whenever I was with her,
I could shape myself,
And when she radiated more,
She transformed me,
Into a better man,
A better structure to look at,
Clear as the skies,
She could look through me now,
As could I,
And she made me glass. 

At time our touch broke,
Because of some reason,
Or no hope,
And with somehow some luck,
We were reunited,
And after a lot of time,
We decided,
To stay together for all the time we could,
Because she doesn't believe in forever,
And she made me not believe in it too,
I am not with her everyday,
Together we do not stay,
But whenever I am,
Close to her,
I feel the connection,
Grow a little stronger.

The words are ,
That connect her and me,
We connect over the lines,
Under them we sleep.
The relation between her and me,
Is so much and so less,
That we call it something,
We call it nothing.

Addressed to,
My dear diary.

With love from,
Your Charlie.


  1. :) fire not inferno. Impressive.

  2. Aadya -Inferno it is, believe me. :)

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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