How negotiations might lose you loyalty.

Negotiation (Noun) :  Discussion aimed at reaching an agreement.

We've all negotiated at some point or the other, negotiation has been the symbol and flag-bearer of a more civilized world. We negotiate with everyone and on most of the things, starting from people to life goals everything is negotiable today but does negotiation buy you loyalty?

Think of a scenario where you are buying a product and there is a bargain and negotiation to reach a certain level of comfort on the price of the product. Finally, both the parties are somewhat satisfied and the transaction is complete. Here, negotiations act as an adhesive. As they help in forming relations between strangers based on the trust & acceptance each other has displayed. If the deal is lopsided, then one person will always have a sense of regret towards the whole negotiation and might jump the boat earlier than expected on the cue of a loss which the person is indented to occur. The lopsided nature of a negotiation leads to worsening of the relationship and adding more uncertainties and risks. Along with this, the attitude of the partners also change when one feels cheated.

Deriving my reasoning from the same. If you're to employ an able worker at your disposal, should you or should you not negotiate? The answer lies in the fact that he is able and hence, can find an alternative to your offer. Point being, negotiating with a person with talent (could be anything from creativity to hardwork, everything is talent) actually increases your chance with ending up with a long time loss in your balance sheet because when you negotiate with the person, you are essentially undermining his talent and offering something lesser than what was expected. Will this buy you his loyalty? or will it come across as a lopsided deal where he might jump ship?
 Well, think about it.

I'm not asking you to give up negotiations but you first need to know their expectations and then act on them, as your expectations remain utterly clear, it is the other side you need to think about more here. Why waste your resources on an able candidate then? Maybe find someone who agrees with the scale you're weighing him on.


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