Time (Waqt)

I went through some poetry and watched a few movies and all of these things indicated towards the fact that there is no other benchmark to measure anything, except time. Time is the only constant which defines our past, present and the future.

My greatest inspiration and most deep rooted understanding came from the following lines, from Javed Akhtar's poem:

"Kabhi kabhi main ye sochta hoon, 
Ki chalti gaadi se ped dekho,
Toh aisa lagta hai,
Doosri samt ja rahe hain,
Magar haqikat mein,
Ped apni jagah khade hain.

Toh kya yeh mumkin hai?
Saari sadiya,
Katar andar katar,
Apni jagah khadi ho,
Yeh waqt sakit ho,
Aur hum hi gujar rahe ho?
Is ek lamhe main saare lamhe,
tamam sadiya chhupi hui ho?"

How we feel that we're a part of this race, which we infamously call the race against time. What if this isn't the race? How can you race against something which is standing still and you're the one moving? You can't race against the roads you travel on, can you? 

With this the whole idea of our race, our existence modifies. We're merely clouds floating in the endless sky and we will die down on our way, somewhere. 


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