Finding Soul-o

Problems. I don't know if everyone does this, but I do it and it is a talent which helps me at work and screws up my personal space. It is called overthinking. You give my a few bricks and I'll make a palace out of those, but that imagination, creativity, mind activity comes at the cost of similar applications of it, in real life.

When I work on something, the best and the most creative ideas come to me when I am dreaming. I am not even kidding here! It is the truth, I think so much about these things, maybe obsess over them and then when I sleep off, some great magic happens and in one of the 3-5 dreams i might be having that night, I find the missing piece to my puzzle. I've solved complex Fourier transforms, various business solutions and innumerable everyday problems, in my dreams.

Just imagine, if I am doing so much in my dreams, what would I be actually doing every second while I exist? I do not walk thoughtless. I am never alone. I always have these thoughts in my head, new ideas, solutions, situations etc. and this is where the problem lies. When I keep solving everything in all of this free* time that I have, I never stop and when I don't stop, these things somehow magnify their scale, inside my head. It is like solving a question of probability with infinite options due to unpredictability and predictability of the other people involved in the situation.

At times, I yearn for a little rest. I wish I could break free and live thoughtless for a while. Breathe fresh air and just run. If only, we could get all that we wanted at the time we wanted it. Sigh.

Finding the soul. Finding it solo. 


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