"I believe in the Universe and the Force"

Subject at hand:
Various people believe in different things and concepts, today I am talking about these same concepts in terms of religion and people. Essentially trying to understand how the old gods are different from the new ones (Jk).


I am talking about how people define what they believe in, in terms of praying to or maybe not praying to but just believing in. The following is the breakdown of all the stuff I hear:
  1. Some believe in the religion they're born into
  2. Others go onto their path of finding religion and follow the one they connect with
  3. Some others say that it was all science and then
  4. There is this huge group which believes in 'Karma'/'The Universe'/'The Balancing Force'/'The Force' (Jedi People)
The first category can be divided into two:

                  Religious fanatics                  Conveniently religious (fanatics otherwise in this photo)
game of thrones drink wine alcohol booze
Origin (In my case):
All of these discussions somehow turn to me because everyone I know has the same questions. It all starts with ..

"Hey, you don't drink?"
"Why.. You seem like a (alcoholic) chill dude.."
"I am Islam." *insert funny accent to make it sound catchy*
"Oh. Ho ho ho! Hahahaha. So, you do smoke up right?"
"Why?..Isn't that like.. allowed?"
"It is DB"
"What's that..?"
"Dharam Bhrasht" *same accent*
"Hahahahhahahah wow, that's awesome dude. " *Slyly walks away*

*A few hours later.. *
"Bro, you should drink! Why do you not drink? I mean all is chill bro. Why do you follow your religion so ..like.. tightly..?"
"These are maybe the only things I do, to keep myself tied to something."
"Why do you want to be tied to something bro.. I mean.. I believe in the universe" *mic drop*

Category 1.b.
I fall into the category 1.a. of people. I was born into a religion and I follow it as per my convenience. I cheat here and there and try and get away with it. Most of the people fall into this category, I feel. My view of the world may still be limited to the Indian outlook but I feel that most of us fit that category and that's all right because it keeps our parents happy and gives us a sense of belonging somewhat.

What I feel:
People who believe in the Universe, Karma or any kind of Force should also reside in with me i.e. in Category 1.b.

Because all of these people believe in existence of a force. A force greater than human, a force over which we can't have any control, an omnipresent concept of balance and scale...
Which is essentially the same as my concept of god ( and everyone's concept of god).
There is nothing new about this concept, it is the same as what categories 1 and 2 believe in. There is a force, a lot of people (religious folks) attach names, books, legends, figures, idols etc to it - the others (category 3 peeps) just associate this image of our galaxy to it (which is wrong as per science but well..)

Or, this photo of Yoda being Yoda and doing the dance

Jk. No one believes in that. (NOOOOOOOOO)

Coming back to the point:
So it looks like that only the science guys are the ones who have a little different view on the subject matter, which makes sense - cuz science but there's still a lot to prove for them in order to define things like 'The soul' and 'spirits' and the spirits which don't go from Conjuring.

What my point was:
I actually feel that our human minds are so socially programmed and our intellect is so very limited that we can't go beyond the regular definitions of God, even while we're trying to be a rebel (by calling it the Universe etc.). To understand an entity, such as maybe our creator (if it exists). Maybe we need to evolve and reach a level where we can actually understand it a little better and then re-define it.

Food for thought:
Maybe we need Artificial Intelligence to reach that level of enlightenment, maybe they're our only hope at understanding how it all started and how will it all end?


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