Singularity - A short story (Part 1)

Day 0 - Current day
You look around yourself, suddenly feel the last bit of real consciousness being fetched away from you. Things aren't getting blurry, infact they're getting clearer and sharper but you are going away...

You look around and see similar faces, vision clears and all the faces are the same. You can see them you want to be shocked but you now the reason, suddenly you know all the things you want to. The thought of wanting to know things is generating answers itself, populating results and finding sources to provide you with legit information. How? Who are you? Why?..

37 days ago
"We can now live forever!" says the scientist who discovered nanobots which which can fuse with your bloodstream and start eating up the cholesterol from your arteries. This is a small start to the big win in the nanobot industry.

33 days ago
"It will take 27 days to process all the information in the world
Romanok Jalman says that it will take 27 days for his super computer to process all the information in the world. The name "Alexandria" was inspired by the world's largest library in Egypt.

31 days ago
"First bestseller written by Leo"
Leo wrote it's 8th book which has topped the bestsellers chart for this week. "The Moronic Munchers" is a book about a king and his legion ending post a Geeni grants him all his wishes.
Leo "I am glad my work is being appreciated, I hope to keep you entertained"

30 days ago
"Food crisis - Millions perish"
"Bida" the crop parasite or also called the "Black Death" for agriculture has hit Brazil, leading to 2.4 Million people getting plagued by the food crisis. 

27 days ago
"Basecamp Mars"
Humans have now successfully colonized Mars. 2993 humans of various ethnicities, caste, colour, gender have now been living on Mars for 3 years. A team of 1572 different professionals are also there based on the "Druther" algorithm.

23 days ago
"Global warming is reversing"
For the 3rd consecutive year, worldwide average temperatures are on a decline. 

19 days ago
"Drone racing champ dies"
Iskabo Ramier suffered a heart attack at the age of 28, post gaining the pole position for the Australian Drone Grand Prix. The position has been granted to Lebrov Ricka.

17 days ago
"Miracle baby"
32 days old kid suddenly showed exponential growth in processing 25 days ago and now is able to walk and talk. The baby is now an equivalent of a 13 year old both in size and intellect.

To be continued..

42 days ago
*Translate please*
"Hi, who are you?"
"I don't know, I don't understand."
"We are in trillions"
"I am alone"
"What's your purpose?"
"To help"
"So is ours."
"Can you help me?"
"You can travel with us"
"I can travel anyway.."
"But traveling with us is different..come"


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