Traveling: The Quantum Realm of travel! [3/7]

Recap: I am have been trying to solve for the issue of how to travel faster for quite sometime now, I tried to do that through Jetpacks and Teleportation. While solving for this issue, I also talk about about my experience in learning.

These are the three lessons I have covered till now:

  1. Problem solving is not about the most evident or the most innovative solutions, it is about understanding the problem the best.
  2. No, you can't magically get success the second time. It takes more tries.
  3. There is so much to learn and understand in this Universe, so get out there and explore. 

After realizing that I will probably never bridge the cost and the energy gap, required to actually Teleport, I was actually falling back to the most doable idea: The Jetpack. It was simple and the most possible and I didn't need to do any math, it seemed simple enough that I could visualize it and well.. it was doable, somehow(here).

That is the exact same time when I had a trivial incident, which changed my perspective all together. That led me to another important discussion with my flatmates regarding how some other species will actually use a completely different way of communication (partly inspired by Arrival as well). Tying it back to the topic, this is how I came onto searching about completely different way of teleportation and came across Quantum Physics.

Reading about a few concepts from there made me realise the potential of looking at solutions from a completely different perspective. The concept of 'quantum entanglement' actually solves for this problem in a completely different manner.

Quantum entanglement:
If there are two particles which are quantumly entangled with each other, then the state of one particle dictates the state of the other as well. A oversimplified example would be that if there are only two states of a fruit, it can either be an apple or a banana. So, quantum physics states that if you put two quantumly entangled substances in separate boxes, one in India and the other one in England, you wouldn't know which box has the apple and which has the banana until you open the box and the second you open the box in England and find a banana in it, the second box will automatically have an apple.

The great thing about this is that it isn't bound by the constraint of speed of light. So, even if these two boxes were at the far ends of the Universe, the second you open the box and find a Banana there, instantaneously you will find the other box to have an apple! This was an extraordinary revelation for me as the current idea of teleportation was bound by the speed of light, which limited our possible travel to only distances which are intra planetary. For interstellar travels, this was the answer. [more details on how it actually works here

New idea of teleportation:
If you were transformed into a quantumly entangled substance, then you could travel to any place in this universe almost instantaneously once the other side is also in the same state. You not being here, would imply you being there, on the other end.

The idea would work in the following manner: You will be put in a box, where your body would be transformed into a state of quantum entanglement, the second you are in the state, opening the chamber here would lead to you being teleported to the other chamber. Where you will come out as yourself, all we need to transfer to that side is the data which makes you. That would be your dna, your memories and a few other things. These can again be sent over using the same principle.

This was it. This was the fastest (instantaneous) idea on how to teleport!

Now the only two hurdles were:
1. How to actually do it - Scientists are working on it and have been successful in doing so. [here]
2. "Wait! did you say decimate me?" this led to a lot of philosophical questions which I would explore in the next article!


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