Heightened Emotions

Through whatever I know of people and myself, I believe that there is no balance. This runs much deeper than the context that I am going to use it in right now, nut that's all for some other post.

Looking at people, I've realized they're in either of the two states of emotions. They're either in their:

Heightened state, where they end up giving importance to the most trivial things. This could be due to fact that everything you touch, you get attached to. This attachment in turn leads to expectations and these, if not fulfilled lead to mayhem in your head. You can obviously choose to turn this off, but would need to realise that you will maybe lose all of your emotional side with it. You see, anger is caused by pain, pain is related to loss, loss is felt the most when the "lost" was loved; all of these are essentially connected together, tied with a string of you heightened state.

There's also a special condition here where all other emotions are just over powered by one singular emotion's projection. This can be done with sufficient willpower and self-awareness.

Diminished state, this is the state when no matter what happens, it has minimal effects on you. No crying, no throwing things, no buying things for people because you feel for them, because you don't. You're just indifferent to the ideas of emotions and live in this world where they don't bother you, or even if they do, you find a way to get away from them. They repel you and you don't know how to handle someone, who is in a heightened state (you end up like how Jim Parsons plays the character 'Sheldon' (Not necessarily that smart)).

You always have the choice, the knob is always there for you to click and to change or in most cases, instances. Instances are the most powerful knobs which regulate your heightened state but they are also binary in nature and allow you to be in a certain state for a particular period of time.

To end this, I'd also take note of those people who are water. They regulate their knob as per the need of moment and peer group but ultimately, they do have one setting only. It is just that they can act out the other side better than you can feel it.


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