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"Perfect is as perfect shows."


This is one of the strongest words today. Like when we talk about how the world is, we never understand that it is exactly as how we perceive it. To make our lives a much better, all we need to do is change that point of view by tilting it a little and focus our energies in the right place. I won't be the best person to tell or discuss how or where to focus your energies but I can tell you something about perception. 
The first step to all of this is acceptance: Understand one thing and one thing which will always be there. Life is unfair. Once you accept this fact, you'll be a little clear on things like "Nothing will ever come easy to you". You will atleast stop repeating the fact that its unfair and smile at whatever happens, feeling that you knew it.
Ambition: Be ambitious as hell. This doesn't mean that you will go crazy, no. That's over ambition but just simple plain ambition towards either your goal, the goal which you want to achieve. It c…

With love from, Your Charlie.

I never knew her that well,
Never really tried too, Whatever happened, Was maybe just written somewhere, We were not really friends, We were just two souls,
Two people maybe, Living their lives quite apart, Different goals,  Different outlooks, Afraid of somethings, And proud of the others, In our parallel universes, We made our own mistakes, None so connected, No one to understand, We were different,
We were apart.
But there was this one thing, Which always used to flow between us, There was this openness, Which was warm, Even without knowing her, I knew her somewhat, Even without searching for anything, I found out a lot, We connected and it became stronger, We had our people's in our lives, Our parallel universes ran, Just parallel to eachother, Never affecting one, Never affecting the other, We still were a part of the whole, But the whole wasn't a part of us.
We got close, And we felt the warmth, Which we could offer, For she was fire, And I was sand, Mind it fire, not a…

The Startup Syndrome (Internet)

Disclaimer: This article is not to discourage or malign the ongoing internet based companies or startups. It is an opinion. 

'Startup' should actually be the word of this decade. Since the start of this millenia we have seen a new buzz in the youth allover, 'Startup'. With companies ready to invest in ideas which might revolutionize the world and get them some good returns. But we've experienced the biggest wave of these after the current decade started. With the success of ongoing startups as inspiration, more and more individuals and group decided to try their hand at starting something of their own. 
"Who wants to work under a boss, when you can be your own boss?" this was what I always heard from some budding entrepreneurs. Some are doing it for the drive, some for the passion, some for the adrenaline rush and some are just doing it because they want to discover. Now out of all of these startups a huge majority is inclined towards one domain. The Int…


When you have fear in your mind,
Your heart beats faster,
The sound is so profound,
That your mind clouds further,
Your judgement impaired,
Just that simple fear in your head,
Fear of making it to the cut,
Fear of doing it right,
Fear of regretting your entire life,
Fear of the result of your actions,
and the surprise,
We work hard sometimes,
At other times we don't,
We know we might fail,
Just because we left a single nail,
That nail which we could have knocked in,
Which would have made your ship,
Secured and a delight,
But you couldn't do it,
Because you were tired and it was night,
You closed all your books,
Put your tools aside,
Reached out to your bed,
And the comfort overcame the plight,
This one thing that you're preparing for,
If not the only,
But is important for your life,
But its not just your life that you think about,
Its the others whose joys may subside,
subside just because of you,
Because of the nail you didn't strike,
And you will be blamed,
Because y…

InterNet- BarterNet?

I was just writing another article but I realized that this piece is more important than the next one which I was about to. So, here I am.
Have you ever realized that you rely too much on your mobile phonebook? Or too much on Google for everything? I mean everything we need is just a few keys and a click away. So why should we remember anything? This is what has made our lives so disoriented and convenient at the same time. We put down numbers on speed dial because we feel that while we’re hit by a car we can hit that one button and have someone informed and for that we stop remembering numbers. We stop making our projects because we know that someone else would have made it somewhere and we can just 'download' it.
My question is, that is it good? Is not remembering all of this good? Because the way I see it what’s actually happening is that we’re not remembering things that we’re supposed to and this is leading to a containment of our brains and its usage. The worst part is …